The Malcador Defender is a variant of the venerable Malcador Assault Tank design. It is not widely used by Imperial armed forces at the present time and is in . My Malcador is now built. I just need to magnetise the sponsons and paint it. This list should its first outing on Tuesday, December 6th. It will be. be as in depth as it could be with turn-by-then rolls. But I will capture the essence of the game and how the Malcador Defender List performed.

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Even though it looks goofy, and still has an unreliable engine, this design choice makes it the only tank stronger in the rear than in the front, leaving it less vulnerable to deep-striking assault troops.

Malcador Defender List – A 1,000 point Astra Militarum List

This is especially common with regiments like the Death Korps of Krieg for when complete genocide of the enemy is ordered. The utility of Malcador tanks in the fluff as they were used on Vraks and questionably on the tabletop is as semi-mobile bunkers.

When the tech-priests realized that they had run out of room for fuel tanks, they decided to put them in a trailer towed behind the tank.

In all honesty, though, the Malcador on the table top would need a notable buff in durability for this to be practical. The tank mounts a massive Inferno Gun in its hull and tows a large fuel trailer behind it, where promethium is stored as separate chemicals before being mixed together in a chamber just behind the gun’s barrel.

Posted By Jake — 5th December ‘ This can mitigate the design’s inherent problems and its firepower and considerable protection can make it a valuable asset to Imperial forces for both offensive and defensive engagements. The reversed Chimera is in the background as the Bikes ready their macador. Someone managed to fix the Malcador by kit-bashing it with a Russ. Although the Malcador Defender is very cramped, fitting a large crew of 8 into its tightly-packed and blazingly hot hull, it is as prone to engine problems as the other variants of the Malcador tank, and its battlefield role means that it seldom operates far from support or resupply.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A Malcador Macador Heavy Tank, this vehicle was damaged and then abandoned by Planetary Defence Forces during the defence of Amarah Prime during the Orphean Warit was later restored and pressed back into combat by the Necromundan 8th Regiment.

But I will capture the essence of the game and how the Malcador Defender List performed. I have made some edits since this was posted. Personal tools Ddefender in Request account. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.


It’s an Inferno Cannon taken from a Titan and mounted on a tank. The Malcador Defender can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades and attachments, such as Camouflage Netting, Extra Armour Plating, an improved communications system, a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, a mine sweeper, a pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber, rough terrain modifications, defenfer guards, a Searchlight, and Smoke Launchers.

However, they can not be taken in Squadrons and have Forge World’s inferior version of Grinding Advance, which simply eliminates the BS penalty defeneer firing the Demolisher cannon that the Annihilator and Defender carry. Throw the fluff out the window. Contents [ show ].

Plus I defended really like it, as one now seems mallcador not enough! Although it is rumored like always that the Minotaur is stockpiled by those greedy fucks in the thousands inside of Departmento Munitorum storehouses, only specialized siege companies of the Imperial Guard will ever get to deploy their awesome firepower. When operating as part of a wider offensive though the Malcador ‘Annihilator’ can still prove its worth in the hands of a skilled crew.

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Malcador Defender of Faith – A 1, point Astra Militarum List

The overall shape of the tank reduces the traversing range of its sponson and hull weapons, producing a limited arc of fire due to its heavy armour dfender and reinforced weapons mounts. Though it has a longer range and malcaodr strength than the mini-Inferno Cannon used by the Hellhoundit has the unreliable engine compared to the Fast Hellhounda hull-mounted primary weapon which is disastrously impractical especially for such a close range weapon and has a tendency to explode when catastrophically damaged.

Of course, the current rendition of it sets the Malcador’s unit type as “Superheavy, Fast Tank”, which is hilariously redundant. Transforming its role into that of a breakthrough tank, the Malcador ‘Defender’ is a mobile fortress well-suited to close-quarters combat during urban and trench warfare, with the Demolisher used against enemy strongpoints and fortifications. I distinctly remember my first turn of shooting.

While powerfully effective against enemy infantry, this huge flamer is also an effective mine-clearing device, using malxador sudden heat to detonate the explosives’ fuses.

While the vehicle is equipped with a Searchlight it lacks typical Smoke Launchersinstead generating an impromptu smoke screen by injecting fuel into its hot engine.

The tank is simply too slow and too large to serve as a true “tank hunter” but is not large enough or heavily armed enough due to the limited supply of shells for its Demolisher Cannon to be matched against a true super-heavy tank like an Imperial Baneblade in open combat. Of all the variants, the Valdor is perhaps the rarest and most expensive of them all. This article is about the Super-Heavy Tank ; for the other usessee Malcador. I did three defejder and they failed two of their saves!


The Malcador ‘Infernus’ is a flamethrower tank, though its role has been largely supplanted by the faster and more reliable Hellhoundand is more often found in second-line units such as Planetary Defense Forces or relegated to civilian duties.

This is now even stupider with the release of the Carnodonwhich is from the same era as the Malcador and basically it’s Medium Tank equivalent, yet manages to have both these.

Thought to be older than the venerable Leman Russthe Malcador is intended to fulfill the same Main Battle Tank role despite its larger size. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Its sponson weapons angles are dreadful, its main gun has limited traverse, it actually has worse armour values than the Leman Russ as said beforeits overpriced for what it brings, and it has the chance to immobilize itself whenever it moves, which if nothing else is crunch that pretty accurately matches the fluff.

Like other Malcador patterns the ‘Infernus’ still suffers from an underpowered engine, causing it to struggle on steep inclines and overheat. Like the Predator variant of the same name, the Malcador Annihilator has a set of twin-linked lascannons in its turret, though unlike the Predator, these cannons can only turn 30 degrees to either side which would later come and bite it in the ass as its immobile main turret can also prove to be a problem in a chaotic engagement where the lines of battle interpenetrate and the foe’s infantry or armor units can take advantage of the Malcador’s limited firing arc.

Due to the nature of its armaments, it is well-suited to close-quarters combat, trench warfare and urban warfare engagements. It can forge forward as a distraction, soaking up fire while plinking away at light vehicles and infantry that stray too close.

Although apologies that this might not be as in depth as it could be with turn-by-then rolls.

Malcador Heavy Tank

In many regions of the Imperiumthe Malcador passed out of common service many millennia ago. The Minotaur is not armed with any other weapons but can be upgraded with a Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber or a Storm Bolter.

First signs of paint. That and the fact that it can deliver what amounts to a shot from a twin-linked basilisk point-blank. Because yes, 40k is that ridiculous of a setting to have tanks that can be put soundly into a category like that.