M4 – 1 click=2 MOA. • When zeroing The recommended mounting position of the M68 CCO is the forward rail slot on . On a 25 meter M16A2 zeroing target. A Battle Sight Zero allows you to aim center mass on a target and achieve a hit from zero to meters. . M16A4. M4/M4A1. Carrying Handle. Windage. ½ MOA. 1 MOA. Carrying Handle. Elevation. 1 ½ MOA CCO (Windage and. Elevation). feedback (Figure 10). The M Sight, RCO, when installed on a M4/M4A1/ M16A4/M16A2, is zeroed on a standard M16 zero target with alternate strike points.

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To zero the BIS for the M4-series, set the range selector to meters. Zeero the red dot of zedo M68 on the crosshair located on the meter boresight target. PULL the charging handle fully to the rear. Before boresighting the TWS, make sure the borelight has been zeroed to the weapon.

For ease, round up to one square. Bipod-mounted weapons are grounded on bipods with all muzzles facing downrange and away from nearby Soldiers.

With the vehicle not moving, the tires are cold. If the stoppage occurs with a hot weapon or more rounds in less than 2 minutes, or k4 noted previously for training —. All of this training has been conducted to allow you to go back to your units and give them the training to make them a more efficient soldier.

In all cases, strict self-discipline is the most critical factor for the safe handling of weapons. Moisture — look through lenses for condensation or wetness d. Figure shows the current training program for these lasers. For ease, round up one square. Given a weapon, M68 CCO, 30 round magazine, 25 meter range and 18 rounds of 5. Practice qualification allows the soldier to practice and refine his skills to succeed during qualification.


Step by Step Guide

Rapid — rounds per mm4 6- to 9-round bursts 2 to 3 seconds between bursts. Time and effort must be applied to ensure a precise boresight, which will in turn save time and ammunition.

With lasers, the borelight allows the soldier to boresight and then engage targets, eliminating the meter zeroing procedures altogether. You may apply immediate or remedial action to clear the stoppage. Exposure times require one to two seconds for the mechanism to raise the targft Provide remedial training tzrget needed. Caliber — 9 mm Weight Unloaded — 2. Check the light for proper intensity before opening the front lens cover.

If Rotary Switch is set higher than 3, it can be seen during limited visibility by the enemy. A stoppage is a failure of an automatic or semiautomatic firearm to complete the cycle of operation.

How to Zero Your Aimpoint Sight

Boresighting is a simple procedure if the steps are strictly followed. If either weapon stops firing, the same misfire procedures will apply for both. The weapon has a free-flight, fin-stabilized, rocket-type cartridge packed in an expendable, one-piece, fiberglass-wrapped tube. Two eyes opened method — position head so you can focus both eyes on the red dot.

Regardless of the mounting location, the adjuster that is on top or bottom will always be the adjuster for elevation and the one on the side will be the windage adjuster.


Glossary — Acronyms and Abbreviations. It achieves more than 85 percent commonality with the M16A2 rifle. The BIS must be zeroed in order to accomplish this procedure.


If you still need to adjust slightly, repeat the procedure. An E —type Silhouette is They will be broken down into small groups and every soldier will get a chance to ask cfo while conducting the steps necessary to maximize the capabilities of this piece of equipment. Once this is accomplished, your field of view will increase and your target acquisition time will decrease.

The visible laser of the borelight is aligned with the barrel of a designated weapon. Qualification with the BIS is conducted on a standard record fire range, and the standards for qualification are the same as the record fire day standards. Mounting brackets are provided for each type of weapon. Ask the students questions and correct misunderstandings. If the visible laser cannot be located when the tarbet spins the borelight to the half turn position, start this procedure at 2 meters instead of 10 meters.

High Ready Position—Hold the butt of the weapon under your armpit, with the barrel pointed slightly up so that the top of the front sight post is just below your line of sight, but within your peripheral vision. A self-powered, air-cooled, belt-fed, blowback-operated weapon designed to deliver decisive firepower against enemy personnel and lightly armored vehicles Figure Your farget selects and designates targets.

A misfire is the failure of a chambered round to fire.

The weapon accurately delivers a high-explosive antitank HEAT warhead with excellent penetration capability more than 15 inches of homogenous armor and lethal after-armor effects.