After the groundbreaking decision1 from the Constitutional Council of France, last month against the three strikes law adopted in May, the. Demonstrations and protests against the Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur internet (HADOPI) law. 1 reference. But the correct inferences to draw are that HADOPI and Ley Sinde are just an expensive waste of time, and that people don’t expect to get.

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France’s HADOPI 2 Passes

Interviewed by Bob Garfield. Moreover, the rushed manner though which the government attempted to pass the Bill without presenting it for adequate public and parliamentary scrutiny is a common feature in controversial policy—making.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The United States government has used the Special Report to encourage other countries into lsy more stringent copyright and patent laws. So I ask you: Picturapoesis20 Feb 4: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Editorial history Received 9 August ; revised 29 January lsy accepted 11 February The combination of formal and informal pressures as well as the nature of domestic politics in the country took an active role in the shaping of specific policy.

Inthe Report states: Some refer to it as the Hadkpi Hadopi 2. But as an experiment showing that the government is wasting its time fighting piracy? I would love to see some usenet, proxy, and vpn figures for France and Spain. Office of the United States Trade Representative. The Bill was presented as the first visible measure of the Spanish government to fight a financial crisis.


Now, of course, as Techdirt always emphasizes, correlation is not causation, but it’s pretty suggestive that at precisely the jadopi time that P2P use is dropping in Haropi, its citizens should turn out to be the biggest premium users of Dotcom’s Mega service Unless it serves your purpose. Our paper is based on the study of a specific case of law reform in which we seek to identify and situate entities actorsactions and historical context, so that meaningful explanatory accounts can be given.

IDC claimed that Failures by Glyn Moody Tue, Feb 19th 9: Concretely, political pressure by the U.

The regulatory package was presented simultaneously as a formula against economic recession and as the first decisive step towards a new form of government and a new culture hdopi action. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the legacy business models are the only ones that work – that’s the whining of people who don’t want to see their traditional cash cows disappearing. After all, it’s given proof that this doesn’t work, so One must also hope that don’t bring in the totalitarian control over people via the Internet that their efforts to control piracy is leading to.

The HADOPI law is the implementation of the Olivennes hwdopi, supported by the Olivennes agreement, in which representatives of the entertainment and media industries gave their assent hsdopi the law’s enforcement procedures.

HADOPI law – Wikidata

Yet the government attempted to stop it from emerging in the political agora. FACUA gathered more than 40, signatures from their campaign. The United States will continue to work closely with Spain to address these IPR enforcement issues during the next year.


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Such procedure — so far restricted to only a few categories of simple litigation such as traffic regulation — fails to guarantee the right to a fair leyy It leaves up to the National Authority the choice of form and methods to achieve these goals.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Anti-Hadopi protests.

HADOPI raises from the dead, still as flawed

Hell, piracy has close to no effect – you can’t even argue about “lost sales” – so why are you obsessed over it?

It’s just another regular service. With the exception of the French Green Party who campaigned against the law, other political groups represented in the legislative chambers were not active lobbying for or against the law, though individual members did so. A whole lot gets raked off in big money deals for marquee actors, directors, singers, whatever.

Such procedure — so far restricted to only a few categories of simple litigation haodpi as traffic regulation — fails to guarantee the right to a fair trial:.