The minister in charge of drafting new leggi fascistissime (ultra-Fascist laws) was Alfredo Rocco, the law professor who had been the chief ideologue of the ANI. Palazzo-Vidoni Pact Trade unions under Fascist control. Leggi Fascistissime Mussolini – head of the government. Opposition and free trade unions. Le leggi “fascistissime” furono il fondamento sul quale si costruì il regime, caratterizzato dalla sostanziale coincidenza tra strutture dello Stato e strutture del .

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Le Leggi Fascistissime by XXX XXX on Prezi

La costituzione del tribunale era ordinata dal Ministro per la guerra, che ne determinava la composizione, la sede e il comando presso cui era stabilito.

While he was resting on his sofa, his wife Donna Rachele legggi him not to go to the appointment, since the King could not be trusted.

Stub sezione – storia. Retrieved from ” https: On 16 July, Bastianini went to Palazzo Venezia the Duce’s seat to show to Mussolini a telegram to be sent to Hitler, where he reproached the Germans for not having sent reinforcements.

Fall of the Fascist regime in Italy

Galbiati then ordered to his men not to provoke incidents. His speech, which Mussolini angrily interrupted, dealt a death blow to the Duce’s hopes of defeating Grandi, since the Party was totally discredited among almost all the high-ranking Fascists. In the morning of 22 July a most important meeting took place: After some minor interventions spoke Bottai, the Fascist intellectual, who made a purely political speech, defending the OdG.

Tribunale Speciale per la Difesa dello Stato.

The walls were decorated with blue velvet tapestries and large paintings, and in the marble floor were etched inscriptions with the date of the restoration, Year VII of the Fascist calendar. Ambrosio was persuaded that the war was lost for Fascistidsime, but he never thought to take a personal initiative to change the situation without first consulting with Victor Emmanuel.


In the end, the OdG Grandi obtained 19 votes for, with 8 fqscistissime.

The fall of Tunis on 13 May radically changed the strategic situation. Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Frignani oversaw the arrest of Mussolini on the orders of the king. Both pressed the royal officials for the arrest of Mussolini and the nomination of a military government. From there it could have been possible to march on Rome and free the Duce.

The King interrupted him, and told him softly that the country was broken and that the situation required him to quit his post: In the meantime all the telephone centrals were blocked: The OdG Grandi was the first voted on, since it had the most proponents.

Windows illuminate violently, front doors burst open, houses empty, all are out embracing each other, telling each other the news, with those simple and exuberant gestures belonging to people overwhelmed by emotion. Axis powers Montreux Fascist conference.

Furono entrambi fucilati [22]. An experienced diplomat he was former foreign minister and ambassador in the UKa staunch enemy of Germany and with a large circle of friends in the British establishment among others, he was a personal friend of Churchill[40] he had often been considered the most likely successor to the Duce. He had also taken the precaution of revising his will and going to confession before the meeting.

Moreover, he tried to bring back to Italy as many forces as possible among those which were abroad, but it was difficult to do that without raising the suspicions of the Germans. Durante il regime fascista il Tribunale Speciale ebbe il potere di fascisyissime, ammonire e condannare gli imputati politici ritenuti pericolosi per l’ordine pubblico e la sicurezza del regime stesso.

  DIN EN 378-2 PDF

Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato (1926-1943)

The Duce called it a “not admissible and cowardly” document. A few hours later, he left Italy by plane from Frascatilanding in Munich.

During the second meeting, in the evening, the Duce told him that he had decided to write to Hitler, confessing the need for Italy to abandon the alliance. Farinacci told Grandi that he accepted the first part of the document, but that he did not agree at all on the rest: The Germans got the news of the arrest of Mussolini around One big problem was to find an institution suitable for a political action.

Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato () – Wikipedia

The antifascist parties, weakened by 20 years of dictatorship, were still in an embryonic state. After letting the populace express its joy for one day, on 26 July the government proclaimed a state of siege and a curfew. After lunch the Duce interrupted the ffascistissime scheduled to last 3 daysto Hitler’s chagrin.

The Duce announced that, due to the length of the meeting, some comrades had asked for a postponement to the next day. For Grandi the approval of the OdG would be the signal that the King was waiting for.

Con il fqscistissime 30 novembren. La procedura era sbrigativa: