Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. 6 likes. Book. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Privacy · Terms. About. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Book. 6 people. Le vie dei canti (Biblioteca Adelphi) by Bruce Chatwin at – ISBN “La domanda cui cercherò di rispondere è la seguente: Perché gli uomini. , Italian, Book edition: Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Traumpfade: the songlines: Roman / Bruce Chatwin ; aus dem Englischen von.

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The Songlines

I wish Chatwin had written more text like that. Or something fanti that. The book is wildly original; simultaneously a thoroughly entertaining travelogue and also an almost stream of consciousness exploration of history, psychology, natural history, and more. Still, there’s so much good stuff here I’d recommend to all.

View all 9 comments. At that point I left it, without finishing it. See 1 question about The Songlines…. This is a book that is a personal response to whatever it is for white people to think about nomadic peoples with layers of meanings.

The author didn’t give me much imformation about the aborigenes. What it really cati is This is a rambling, discursive, ultimately brilliant exploration of territory, nomadism, and the the origin of violence in humans. He explores this abstract concept through the agency of Arkady and a cast of other Whites who live and work amongst the Cani in the harsh heart of Australia, defending their rights and interpreting their rites. This is not a travel book. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait In Chatwin’s search for the Songlines, Arkady is an ideal friend and guide: How much is first-hand experience, or researched or simply imagined, I have no idea.

Le Vie dei Canti

Moreover, as he insists this book is a work of fiction, I cannot grasp why he didn’t write anything more interesting than this plotless book. Zeppo di spunti per riflettere sulla nostra vita, impossibili da cogliere tutti alla prima lettura, e quindi chatwi riprendere in mano spesso chatwkn volentieri, e sarebbe bellissimo che ne esistesse u Un po’ romanzo, un po’ saggio, un po’ autobiografia, un po’ libro di appunti e riflessioni.


Chatwin never claimed that his work was true. Any relevant experience or research that might add to his examination of man’s inclination towards a life of migration versus the sedentary life if carefully included.

The problem is I find Chatwin maddeningly meandering and unreliable. Everything from bathroom language, to what is said, and seen, and felt in the saloon, to well Did they find something to admire or abrogate the memory of the place which was missing in my own observations?

Also, I was puzzled by the inclusion of all the fragmentary chatwwin from the author’s old notebooks. Some of the material is loosely relevant to the book if The Songlines is viewed under the the larger theme of nomadic peoples; some of it chhatwin interesting but largely irrelevant, such as bduce rambling discussion of paleontologists’ discoveries about the evolution of early man. I nodded politely, making my way toward a tall man standing by himself.

However, most of chatqin book is not about the songlines, but about Chatwin himself, eating and drinking with Australians, most of which have nothing to do with the Aborigines and their plight. Stutee rated it did not like it Aug 31, This leads me back to the condemned mission hypothesis I mentioned earlier. Where Chatwin is really at his best is in carefully crafted brce stories, such as those having to do with his dealings with Aborigines artists, art dealers and their clients. To call it non-fiction is an absolute lie.

Nel suo bagaglio i suoi taccuini di appunti, presi nei suoi viaggi in Straordinario diario di viaggio alla ricerca dei miti degli aborigeni. The impression is organic, but of course a book is a created thing, designed to create a reading experience.

Utzwas a novel about the obsession that leads people to collect. This book is written in layers. Why have the great teachers—Christ or the Buddha—recommended the Road as the way.

As co-conspirators in his fiction we partake in the deception of ourselves. Chatwin was working on a number of new ideas for future novels at the time of his death from AIDS inincluding a transcontinental epic, provisionally titled Lydia Livingstone. Regardless of the words, it seems the melodic contour of the song describes the nature of cxnti land over which the song passes. There was plenty in chaywin book that irritated me, and at times, yes things that fascinated me.


Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Silvia Gariglio. – Version details – Trove

Why do wandering people conceive the world as perfect whereas sedentary ones always try to change it? When Chatwin kept to his personal observations of the people of the Outback, whether of European extraction or Aboriginal, I was riveted.

If you’re into stuff like this, you can read cantk full review. The Aborigines’ way of navigating, communicating and negotiating by ‘Songlines’ is absolutely intruiging, and Vei thank this book for shedding some light on this subject. As oe matter of fact, no matter the bit of native blood in many of us here, we are more European than we are native American.

Bruce Chatwin’s book is ostensibly an examination of the Cyatwin Aboriginal notion of the Songline: It could not charm me, especially because it was so self-centered: He explores this abstract concept through the agency of Arkady and a cast of other Whites who live and work amongst the Aborigines in the harsh heart of Australia, defending th Bruce Chatwin’s book is ostensibly an examination of the Australian Aboriginal notion of the Songline: Chatwin paints a vivid, if very shallow picture of the inhabitants of the outback, but is often close to simplification racist white trash vs.

There are many words used to describe different Aboriginal groups, but each has a different emphasis on who belongs to it. No Songlines to Sing Ve chat reminds me of Shrek’s bloomin’ onion, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Later, however, residents in the region contradicted the account of events depicted in Chatwin’s book. Already before page I noticed I began to read diagonally, and that chaatwin lethal.

Truly an instant favorite Refresh and try again. This is a collection of musings about human origins and evolution masquerading as a travel book.