LA MELANCÓLICA MUERTE DE CHICO OSTRA. TIM BURTON. Published by Editorial Anagrama (). ISBN / ISBN La melancólica muerte de chico ostra – libro de Tim Burton (director de cine) ser tan importante como eso que sentimos, y esa contradicción suele ser trágica. dianna juárez ibarra: La melancólica muerte de Chico Ostra El trágico acontecimiento deja mella tanto en la madre como en el hijo, pero mientras ella.

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Besides the poems, Burton also drew some lovely cartoons still, not appropriate for children Dream until you fall asleep. View all 12 comments.

He liked her cute figure, he thought she was hot. He loved ammonia and asbestos, and lots of cigarette smoke. Muerhe you have a fondness for all things misbegotten AND find that fairy tales are not quite disturbing enough, you should have room in your heart for Melonhead and maybe even Jimmy, the Hideous Penguin Boy.

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He’d stand inside the garage in the early-morning frost, waiting for the car to start and fill him with exhaust. Yes, this book is not available anywhere in Bulgaria. Anchor babysimply tragic. I couldn’t believe my eyes and felt especially stupid when realization hit me: It is written in a way that seems to be funny, and for some p I am a fan of Burton’s movies.

The poems, which are full of black humor, tell stories of hybrid kids, spontaneous transformers, and women who have babies to win over men. This is a collection of very very short stories which are all written in verse and have an accompanying illustration or illustrations.

I feel like I know him a little better for it, after reading this collection. You see all of those likeable people or matchsticks or whatever and you think, aww its sad what happened with them, i bet things will be good in the end Don’t forget the music, don’t forget the magic. Aside from composing the lines that narrate their not so kid-friendly stories, Burton also illustrated the plight of Oyster Boy and his miserable company in this collection. Often their stories end in tragedy, which is how things turn out for Oyster Boy and Roy, The Toxic Boy, but in some cases these strange fellows appear to think, “To heck with it!


The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

And others like The Melancholy death of Oyster Boy that almost made me cry. I don’t mean to pry, but do you dream of Heaven?

I mean, he wrote some really freaky poems technically, not that great, and that is a charming plus but with such sweetness and sensibility that you feel touched. Don’t let utterly Empty People take all that away from you. Staring Girl was downright creepy, brrr. This is where frustration got the better of me In so few ostea and splashes from his mind, he did rather well. There’s no Alice’s sister here to wake you up. The natives are strange but friendly.

Im not proud but i laughed with the most of the stories, is tragiac something wrong with me? I feel these little stories about grotesque beauty, and what a beauty it was, were full of metaphors, heavy with symbolism.

But it’s so beautiful, she’s so beautiful. View all 8 comments. It is strongly reminiscent of Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales for Children my review HEREbu A short collection of macabre poems, illustrated like a children’s book, but aimed more at the YA market, and delightful for dark-thinking adults as well.

Those who shun the world and are often rejected by it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I went into this fully expecting weird quirkiness, maybe little bit of creepy Gothicness, but I found most of the stories to be very twisted darkly so, which I end up enjoying anyways.

You can read the book here it seems to be complete: Melonhead There once was a morose melonhead, who sat there all day and wished he were dead.

Creo que si os gusta Tim Burton merece la pena leer este libro.

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories by Tim Burton

I feel these little stories about grotesque beauty, and what a beauty it was, were full of metaphors, heavy wi I wonder what it would be like to live inside Tim Burton’s head ala Being John Malkovich, such talent, such virile imaginations, to dwell within his noggin for a while, you know? This is me–a huge Tim Burton fan or so I thought: Toda a gente devia ler: Lists with This Book.


Not even as blurred as Bacon’s famous study of Pope Pius. All these stories strange but good. I have always cherished his movies, but his vision transcends even here to the written form as well. Roy, the Toxic Boy To those who knew him -his friends- we called him Roy. It’s damned creepy, freaking depressing, laugh out loud funny, and utterly awesome. In the end, all I can say is this. One day, while carelessly browsing the Internets, I came across a book that I had no idea existed.

I don’t know why but for some reason I have always held Burton’s creativity on par with Neil Gaiman’s, though their style is very dissimilar, but both have distinct styles, that’s almost as important as talent. Merte it devious of me to enjoy all this weird craziness and all this misery? If you’re going to read about a boy with nails in his eyes, it is nice to see a detailed picture of that, right?

Which is not to say they’re bad; they just look like Edward Gorey work. Jun 16, Rebecca McNutt rated it liked it Shelves: This collection tragkca some of Burton’s weird character ideas and stories and whilst some sto This is a collection of very very short stories which are all written in verse and have an accompanying illustration or illustrations.

However, the stories are wonderful and funny and entertaining to read and the illustrations just make this book a wonderful one to add to your collection.