room above his. He finds that an eccentric German violinist, Erich Zann, is responsible but that there is a terrible secret behind his music. He takes a room in a near empty boarding house on the Rue d’Auseil. La Vie en Rose Music by . I have examined maps of the city with the greatest care, yet have never again found the Rue d’Auseil. These maps have not been modern maps alone, for I know. LibriVox – music of erich zann lovecraft s; MB. 0 references edit . enwikisource The Music of Erich Zann; frwikisource La Musique d’Erich Zann.

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Was a similar mode of communication occurring in The Music of Erich Zann?

Worth reading just for the prose honestly. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? And we forget to sleep. Puzzling, more than anything, really. I’m struggling with my reads and I feel that Lovecraft is not getting proper attention from me as it al. From a theoretical standpoint such inter-dimensional travel to other universes may be feasible but the limitation to this is the amount of energy needed to accomplish this.

“The Music of Erich Zann” by H. P. Lovecraft

He sat for some time inactive, nodding oddly, but having a paradoxical suggestion of intense and frightened listening. Either way, in a se way, I liked that the note flew outside and we don’t get it back. Occasionally an opposite pair, both leaning forward, almost met across the street like an arch; and certainly they kept most of the light from the ground below.

And then I thought I heard a shriller, steadier note that was not from the viol; a calm, deliberate, purposeful, mocking note from far away in the west. As I began my request the wrinkled satyr-like face lost the bored placidity it had possessed during the playing, and seemed to shew the same curious mixture of anger and fright which I had noticed when first I accosted the old man.

As Zann continue to play is frantic and insane music, the protagonist approaches the high window and expects to see city lights. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV eeich on your phone or tablet!

At the sub-atomic level, this haze of quantum probabilities is reality. The playing grew fantastic, delirious, and hysterical, yet kept to the last the qualities of supreme genius which I knew this strange old man possessed. Perfectly tightens the screws to a wonderfully horrific ,usica. The link or connection between or among universes may not be through wormholes or time travel but through weak gravitational interactions among the universes.


As identified by S. Angry Woman Tom Fulgione Retrieved February 14, If the protagonist remained in the room with Zann he to would have been annihilated.

Lovecraftian Science

This was always at night—in the day he slept and would admit no one. Once I thought some chill thing brushed me, and I screamed, but my scream could not be heard above that hideous viol. In Tour de Lovecraft: In a strange part of the city he had never seen before, on a street named “Rue d’Auseil”, he finds an apartment in an almost empty building. As Michio Kaku has describedthe objective of developing a Grand Unified Theory, one that includes electromagnetism, the Strong Force inside the nucleus of the atomthe Weak Force the section of the atom outside of the atomAND gravity requires the consideration of hyperspace and the existence of 10 dimensions Hyperspace: Edit Did You Know?

A strange, haunting, compelling story about a university student who discovers the music of Erich Zann. Start your free trial.

The strange, semi-corporal entities we encounter in From Beyond appear to be part of our reality or space-time. One of those strange Lovecraft tales, here the narrator gets lodgings on a rather unusual steet where most of the residents are quite old, he eventually meets a violinist called Erich Zann Over time, the student gains Zann’s trust, and eventually learns of his secret, that the old man has discovered melodies and rhythms of sound of an almost otherworldly nature.

I followed the flying sheets in desperation, but they were gone before I reached the demolished panes. One night, as he was returning from his work, I intercepted Zann in the hallway and told him that I would like to know him and be with him when he played.

My obvious friendliness, however, finally melted him; and he grudgingly motioned to me to follow him up the dark, creaking, and rickety attic stairs. Other physicists such as Richard Feynman identified that a particle in motion does not have a specific or unique endpoint Hawking and Mlodinow, This one is another good creeper by Lovecraft.

The Music of Erich Zann

Unmistakably he was looking at the curtained window and listening shudderingly. Getting back to The Music of Erich Zann, the forces or entities that Zann held back with his music may have been some form of extra-universal life, trying to filter into our universe. The narrator lives as a lodger in an old house and hears amazing music coming from upstairs, thus he makes the acquaintance of Erich Zann, a misterious musician with some dark secrets of his own.


Leaping, floating, flying down those endless stairs through the dark house; racing mindlessly out into the narrow, steep, and ancient street of steps and tottering houses; clattering down steps and over cobbles to the lower streets and the putrid canyon-walled river; panting across the great dark bridge to the broader, healthier streets and boulevards we know; all these are terrible impressions that linger with me.

I knocked repeatedly at the door, but received no response. Well, how to they know this? Once I went up to the garret during theatre hours, when Zann was away, but the door was locked.

But despite all I have done it remains an humiliating fact that I cannot find the house, the street, or even the locality, where, during the last months of my impoverished life as a student of metaphysics at the university, I heard the music of Erich Zann. I moved toward the window and would have drawn aside the nondescript curtains, when with a frightened rage even greater than before the dumb lodger was upon me again; this time motioning with his head toward the door as he nervously strove to drag me thither with both hands.

Its paving was irregular, sometimes stone slabs, sometimes cobblestones, and sometimes bare earth with struggling greenish-grey vegetation. In the case of Erich Zann we have something every different happening. Caligariwhich was released in the United States more than six months before Lovecraft composed his tale: Sep 12, Amy Other Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: This is similar to the concepts of hyperspace, which also goes by the name Kaluza-Klein theory or superstring theory, which requires six more spatial dimensions beyond our usual four in space-time Kaku,