Results 1 – 12 of 35 Opening the Hand of Thought: Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice. Jun 15, by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi and Tom Wright. The following essay on Uchiyama Kosho Roshi’s life of mendicancy was written in the early 70’s. For roshi, a life of material poverty was taken for granted as a. Kosho Uchiyama was a preeminent Japanese Zen master, instrumental in bringing Zen to America. The author of over twenty books read.

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I did have one bad habit that I just couldn’t give up—smoking.

Yet even though the amount I receive is just one yen, I am not bowing to the money nor do Jchiyama have to cavil or get down on my knees. For this, you must follow the teaching of the master and the rules of the place of practice that you have decided for loyally, without stating your own preferences or judgements of good and bad.

Why go out on takuhatsu? One day I was taking a lunch break in the confines of Toji Temple.

I thought there might be a crucial relationship between takuhatsu and religion that I could never really know. In fact, it was the extreme opposite of the idyllic, simple takuhatsu lifestyle.

Kōshō Uchiyama

Instead, I read it with the eyes of a person who seeks the Way, who is concerned with getting to the bottom of an entirely new way of life. Standing in front of a shop, the owner came out and gave me ten yen and I began reciting the prayer of thanks. A figure in black robes and long open sleeves, with a black bag around his neck, a huge straw hat on his head and wearing white spats and straw sandals.

In the old days, the practicing monks would put on their straw hats and straw sandals to travel through the whole country in search of a good master and place of practice. The normally white-papered shoji looked like a patchwork quilt with slips of paper pasted over the holes.


It is also risky to think about other things while driving or to be nervous and tense. The bowl they carry is their eating bowl, it is the same practice of Buddhist monks throughout Asia since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha. Perhaps the final chapter on why do takuhatsu is the most critical in understanding takuhatsu not simply as a way to get food, but as an attitude towards life. In the end, all of us live as vassals to this lord, thought.

It is the posture of letting go. Antaiji Temple of Peace. When the pigeons came around, people would want to feed them if they had any bread leftover simply out of human sentiment.

And in the end, the amount received is barely a pittance. The master does not exist outside of yourself: I can hear all the news of the world I am just hearing news of myself. See all books by DogenKosho Uchiyama Roshi. At times like this, what else is there to do but enjoy the parade?

We simply repeat this; this is called kakusoku awareness of Reality. If you are intending to live out a genuine religious life, then you must learn never to bow before money. Read it Forward Read it first.

One time when I was out walking, I was passing a woman holding an infant who was in turn holding a coin in his hand that was no larger than a leaf of one of those Japanese dwarf maple trees. To follow the Buddha way means to follow yourself.

Antaiji: Kosho Uchiyama – To you who has decided to become a Zen monk

While doing zazen we should refrain from doing anything, yet, being human, we begin to think; we engage in a dialogue with the thoughts in our minds. Uchlyama pigeons at Toji would approach to within a couple of feet. Dropping off body and mind is ychiyama some sort of special mysterious experience. Based upon that, we practice being the whole universe. With the self fully subdued, one obtains the sublime refuge, which is very difficult to achieve.

He didn’t know up from down, but his mind clearly yearned for the way. Please try uchyama later. Freshness of life means ucniyama the hand of thought. When he was 55, he was appointed professor at Komazawa University. When you start off like a house on fire, then you have to pay particularly attention, because while you are all relaxed thinking about what a great morning it has been, bang, your luck doesn’t last forever.


So now, there you are, bathed in the religious atmosphere of deep mutual respect. The sutras are an expression of yourself.

If there had been no zazen and only begging, my life would have been nothing more than a pitiable life of poverty 2. They were part of the scenery of Sodo’s life of shikantaza, as they were for me. Of course, out on takuhatsu, I might have to lower my head several hundred or even a thousand times.

You are simply thinking in the posture of zazen. When you travel far and wide to meet with masters, that means that you travel far and wide to meet with yourself.

And then, after twenty years, sit anew for another ten years. Inevitably we go through times of utter collapse as well. Little by little, I would get back my sprit and walk through the streets searching for that gold vein and, inevitably, my luck would change. In fact, the attitude of the mendicant on takuhatsu is one of giving an opportunity to people to materially support a life of one dedicated to zazen and the teaching of the Buddhadharma.

Now, if you have decided to become a monk because you think that life in this world is too hard and bitter for you and you would prefer to rather live off other people’s donations while drinking your tea — if you want to become a monk just to make a living, then the following is not for you.