Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind is a non-fiction book by American psychologist Gary Marcus. A “kluge” is a patched-together. May 30, Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary Marcus pp, Faber, £ Why do I find it so difficult to remember a string. Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind. Gary Marcus. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, pages, ISBN: (hbk); $

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Economists suggest we should evaluate products on their expected utility, how much pleasure they will bring. Anche strutture complesse come occhi o polmoni.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. While I don’t agree with the author’s position in that klige, that is not the basis of my evaluation of his book.

Marcus snidely inserts his political and religious views throughout; these intrusions throw off the flow klugw the book and serve little purpose.

In his final chapter, Marcus makes a good argument that we all need to understand the sloppy shortcuts evolution made with our minds so that we can better defend ourselves against the tendency of advertisers, politicians, cults and the like to exploit the flaws in the system, and he concludes with a useful, point listing of concrete steps we can take to counteract the built-in weaknesses of our klugey brains.

Apr 12, Derrick rated it really liked it Shelves: And he’s a snappy writer.

Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

Dopo aver elencato questi difetti e comportamenti deleteri, cerca di offrire varie soluzioni al lettore per aggirarli nella vita di tutti i giorni. Why would an intelligent designer create such an imperfect system when they could make the best one possible I don’t agree with everything this writer says, but it is food for thought. Feb 28, Konrad Joseph rated it it was amazing. Another day, another gripe about irrationality and cognitive deficiencies. Occasionally, he mentions disapprovingly evolutionary psychologists’ willingness to look for underlying rationality in what are commonly regarded as failures in the brain, but his difference with them is mainly one of degree.

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Funny and humane work of evolutionary psychology. The examples are wonderful, and I found exception with very few of his arguments. He makes a pretty convincing argument. We make choices that are apparently irrational and not in our own best long-term interests, and certainly not in those of our genes.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Once events are no more than a few weeks or months removed, the past blurs together.

This is a short almost too short and accessible introduction hujan the idea that the human mind is, well, not as perfect as we like to believe. All of these are kluges: We are more apt to believe the argument because it works.

Scientist went to study an isolated indigeneous group in Russia and presented an individual with “In a certain town in siberia, all bears are white.

In passing this book is an excellent critique of Intelligent Design — but where Darwin criticised this notion on the basis of the badly designed bits of the human body too many teeth for our mouths, a vestige tail bone, an appendix that humn very mlnd other than rupture occasionally and then kill us this book does much the same with our curiously badly designed brains.

Kluge (book) – Wikipedia

Jun 06, Laura Carmignani rated it really liked it. This wonderful book confronts a truth about evolution as it relates to biological science. This book focuses mainly on cognitive errors and what they tell us about the brain.

I found items in my own life explained that have always bothered me deeply why is goal setting so difficult – it always seems like future discounting takes away the desire to to good goal setting. In this context, therefore, this work can also be considered as a demolishing of the belief that human beings are ‘perfectly designed’ mechanisms. A study where people were given a bunch of words that they were to unscramble into a sentence, and the words were thi I guess I went in to this book already agreeing with the author.

Up front, the author jumps to the material of Richard Daw It Might be evidence of its own Conclusion This book is its own best argument for the haphazard, meandering quality of the human brain and the human thinking process. Throughout, he shows how only evolution — haphazard and undirected — could have produced the minds we humans have, while making a brilliant case for the power and usefulness of imperfection. Jun 28, Robert rated it really liked it.


They see the brain as a little less imperfect than he does. However, I enjoyed On Intelligence better, if you’ve only got time to read one of the two.

Mar 21, Colin rated it it was amazing.

He does justifiably grind his ax against the absu This is a short almost too short and accessible introduction to the idea that the human mind is, well, not as perfect as we like to believe.

More problematic is that he’s not really inclined to draw what would seem to be the obvious inference of his argument: To view it, click tge.

Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary F. Marcus

Mmind 21, Bob Lake rated it liked it Shelves: Niente a che vedere con un progetto o una direzione, l’evoluzione ha usato strutture pre-esistenti per adattarsi. In other words, despite its reliability in certain aspects of information processing and retrieval, it is actually a mixture of complex areas which oftentimes seem to work together in an intertwined manner—rational decisions can be influenced with the subjective preferences of emotions. Marcus uses the term “kluge” from engineering to describe the many ways in which the human mind is sub-optimal from the point of view of some imagined “perfect” design.

At the end, Marcus explains successfully how the science of evolutionary psychology roundly debunks intelligent desi The Good: