View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B installation manual online. GPS RNAV. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download. View and Download AlliedSignal KLN 90B pilot’s manual online. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download. View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B GPS abbreviated operation manual online. KLN 90B GPS GPS pdf manual download.

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To activate the flight plan in inverse 1: KMKC create a flight plan. The waypoint that was active in Leg mode prior to the mode change remains the active waypoint in OBS mode. Press E to display the waypoint page for this identifier.

Advance notice of arrival to customs officers is to be included in the flight plan transmitted to an FAA facility. Use the outer knob to move the cursor to the offset field adjacent to the active waypoint identifier.

Turn the right cursor on by pressing mxnual right C, and, manjal necessary, rotate the right outer knob until the flashing cursor is over the desired STAR.

A listing of available time zones is contained in section 3. SJI displayed on the screen at one time, the page will ; 4: Remember that you can create up to of your own waypoints which you may designate as one of the first four types or you may designate it as a supple- mental waypoint which simply means that it is a miscella Page 27 use airspace.

A page with the identifier at the top and dashes at the bottom will now be dis- played figure Kpn90b 22 90B is interfaced with kl9n0b source of heading in a suitable format then a heading up presentation may also be selected.


If it is required to set the time: If the altitude input is from an altitude encoder or from an air data com- puter not having a baro altitude output, then it will be necessary for you to manually input the proper altimeter setting in order to klb90b accurate alerting.

Nearest” And “complete” Waypoint Scan Lists 3. A database page is now displayed showing the date the database expires or the date it expired. After joining the second leg of the flight plan, you view 4: The mode change is com- plete and you may return to kpn90b desired page.

Page 59 Like the NAV 5 page, the Super NAV 5 page shows a graphics depiction of the direct to waypoint or the way- points making up the active flight plan. The kit and a complete list of the items contained in the kit is given below. Press the right C. Refer to the KLN 90B inter- connect diagram for wiring details.

The cursor will be over the first character in the waypoint identifier. Of course, your trips with the KLN 90B will be substantially shorter and the desired track will probably change only a few degrees.

Turn the KLN 90B off and back on so that the correct data base data is utilized. For specific label information, refer to Appendix I.

BendixKing KLN 90B User Manual | Page /

The KLN 90B needs to have the correct time, date, and position to be able to determine which satellites should be in view. It can do this for any date you desire manial December 31, Press the left C to turn off the left cursor function. A database is an area of electronic memory used to store a large cat- alog of navigational and aeronautical information. After turn-on and approval of the Self Test and 1: If HRD SFT is chosen, then both hard and soft surface runways meeting the required runway length will be included in the nearest airport list.


Once programmed, this information will Another identifier must be chosen.

The Supplemental Waypoint Page sup 5. KNEW is not on already. To print the manual completely, please, download it. You may use this table to convert seconds to hundredths of a minute. Computer Updating Of The Database 2. The distance field DIS always displays The map scale is also changed by using the left cursor button.

Turn the right outer knob one step clockwise to move the cursor to the second character and then use the right inner knob to select the second character.

AlliedSignal KLN 90B Pilot’s Manual

While the display menu is displayed, select the track up map orientation TK as well. Page due Westerly, and finally Southwesterly by the time you reach Manila. Off-Airport Navaid An approach that is quite common is an approach that is based off of an off-airport navaid.

In addition, a VOR frequency may be stored. North up, desired track up, actual track up, or heading up if a proper source of heading is provided to the KLN 90B. The types of SUA areas stored in the database and the abbreviations used to denote these areas are the following: