काशीपञ्चकम् – श्रीमच्छंकरभगवत्पादविरचितम् KASHI PANCHAKAM OF SRI SANKARACHARYA With the commentary Tatva. The name Kashi or Varanasi brings a feeling of spiritual bliss in our minds. This is the case with all the Hindus of India and abroad. Whether. Coming to Sankaracharya’s Kasi Panchakam, he, being an whatever name you may call the place, Kasi, Prayaga etc., it exists within him.

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Watch the mind constantly. The supreme peace that is the quietude of the mind is that Manikarnika ghat, the holiest of the holy. Sa tirthavarya manikarnika ca.

काशीपञ्चकम् Kashi Panchakam – Sri Adi Shankaracharya Verse – 1 – || अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि ||

Kasika means Kasi, pznchakam of the holiest pilgrimage centres of India. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I am that kasika, which is the form of, The real knowledge of the soul, Which is the place in which shines. This extreme duality is against the tenets of Vedanta and science.

Intellectualizatilon of the truth is not the truth. As we identify with the body, we are limited in space, and as we identify with the mind, we get caught in the flow of time. Just as the wind does not blow for its own panxhakam, but for the sake of the entire manifestation, so also the faculties of the body and mind function not for our benefit alone, but pxnchakam the welfare of the entire humanity.


God is the Infinite centered in every human heart. That self-shining awareness is the Kasi. Water of the Ganges remains pure despite a lot of toxins and chemicals that are dumped into it. We have to understand that consciousness is the matrix of the universe. The body is put to rightful action without seeking results; the results are surrendered to Esvara or the society at large. The Ganges of Kasi stands for the perennial manifestation of Atman, the timeless Awareness, in the form of waking consciousness.

It does not declare its existence by itself.

apnchakam Upasantih, the dousing of the fire, the fire of affliction. And then, we try to manipulate the content as we seek pleasure and avoid pain. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Vana is suffering and nirvana is freedom from suffering. Shining is of two kinds.

काशीपञ्चकम् Kashi Panchakam – Sri Adi Shankaracharya Verse – 1

Thus the santi, that we experience during sleep is brittle, not parama. Unless we negate this projection of the mind, we cannot discover the truth.

A conscious being has to validate its existence through the agency of the eyesight and the mind.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The mind is kshetra, field, and all the objects of thought are part panchakkam parcel of this field. Be kind to it, but in an uninvolved way. Withdraw your attention, withhold your interest and draw back from the mind.

Kashi Panchakam –

For example, it is relatively pure as the river enters the city of Kanpur, but the water becomes very dirty and toxic as the many tanneries of Kanpur dump their waste into the river; but within 10 miles of leaving Kanpur, the water again becomes almost pure. It is as if they are waiting for us to wake up. The flow of thoughts acts as a screen that covers up the truth.

The heart is at peace when these three fires are doused. The agitation however comes back once the effect of the drug wears away. What it is cannot be described. The infinite has centre everywhere. The sealed Ganges water remains pure for a very long time.

As the mind becomes pure, it becomes satvika in nature, calm and quiet, loses its rajasa hyperactivity and tamas dullness burden.