Results 1 – 30 of 30 (Post Scriptum a la Lógica de la investigación científica. Vol. II.) Edición preparada por W. W. Bartley III. by POPPER (Karl R.). and a great. POST SCRIPTUM A LA LÓGICA DE LA INVESTIGACIÓN CIENTÍFICA. VOL. II by Popper, Karl R. and a great selection of related books, art and. Título original “Logik der Forschung / The Logic of Scientific Discovery” traducción Víctor Sánchez de Zavala. Prólogo de José Manuel Sánchez Colección.

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Anthony O’Hear contends that Popper’s vision is utopian because an open society can survive only if some non-liberal values are assumed, including the prohibition of criticism of fundamental liberal principles and values.

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Critical Rationalism as Therapy. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. For it is shown that if the equations that describe wave motions are to be correct, then space and time cannot be regarded as ‘independent variables’ at all for a wave will always supply its own measure of space and time in the form of its wavelength and period.

The poverty of historicism K Popper Routledge The logic of scientific discovery K Popper Routledge A thoroughly-going critique of Karl Popper’s falsificationist philosophy of science, which Haack shows is really only a thinly-disguised skepticism.

La Logica de La Investigacion Cientifica : Karl Popper :

However, Pythagoras’ discovery has been forgotten in physics and consequently it has not recognised that these ratios not only form the very foundation of modern wave theory, including Fourier analysis, but also of the space and time axes themselves.

I shall continue to add further questions as they occur to me. The universe is no longer described by the motion of points in an a priori Cartesian coordinate system but by the fact that these axes themselves represent the class of wavenumbers and frequencies of observable wave phenomena. I correct O’Hear’s interpretation of Popper and I rebut most of his criticisms, arguing that an open society is stronger if it permits criticism of all views.


Click here to sign up. After the axioms are given and their consequences developed, the conclusion is clear; our sense of space and time grew from our collected experiences of periodicities or regularities within nature and it is these which make up the laws of physics.

Karl Popper champions an open society in which all institutions, principles and values are open to criticism. John Watkis notices that Popper’s account of the empirical basis of science is seriously flawed; but his proposed solution is in the end nothing but a return to the old, failed foundationalism.

His view holds that science advances by brilliant but unpredictable conjectures that then stand up well against attempts to refute them. Log In Sign Up. I also suggest that the survival of open societies may require limits on immigration from societies permeated by Islamic fundamentalism or similar ideologies. Personal or Impersonal Knowledge? I go on to argue that common university speech codes are incompatible with the aims of an institution of higher education. Campbell, this paper compares Popper’s and Polanyi’s approaches–in fact, it was prompted by Haack’s finding a book of Polanyi’s next to a Verified email at zoho.

Philosophy Epistemology Logic Philosophy of science.

He is particularly critical of historicism, which investigacin regards as an attitude that fosters a deplorable tendency toward deterministic thinking in the social sciences. This book, circulated in illegal photocopy for many years, was finally officially published when China came within the reach of Aspetti logici del falsificazionismo.

However, I accept and strengthen O’Hear’s rejection of Popper’s assimilation of an open society to a scientific community. Investgiacion following articles are merged in Scholar. El porvenir actual de la ciencia.



Walter Benjamin, Iperdecisionismo e Repubblicanesimo Geopolitico. In the event, Haack never delivered it: Throughout, the approach taken by the author is critically compared with the best of the other available accounts of self-deception. poppfr

invetsigacion Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 76 iindex I tried to analyze the whole interpretation that Popper gives of Parmenides. The growth of scientific knowledge K Popper routledge It was here were we find the seminal connection being made between number and nature and, hence, the birth of science.

Once this is seen then the entire facade of metaphysical ‘space and time’ begins to crumble. X, Ivan Pozzoni ed.

Karl Raimund Popper

This view was roundly criticized by more dogmatic positivists, on the one hand, and by Feyerabend and Kuhn, on the other. Estas reflexiones sobre problemas, dilemas y invsstigacion republicanas e institucionales se corresponden con un innegable malestar constitucional Account Options Sign in.

The central notion in the new analysis is that of an ad hoc manoeuvre, which is taken from Karl Popper. New citations to this author. Axioms are presented which demonstrate that our system of Cartesian coordinates evolved from the Pythagorean concept of ratio, which arose from the discovery that the integers corresponded to the harmonies produced by a stretched string The system can’t perform the operation now.

New articles related to this author’s research. Zwischen Trient und Vatikanum II: Help Center Find new research papers in: Das Elend des Historizismus.

The myth of the framework: