You’re welcome. V. Dvornikovic was an expert at the time. Dinaric – % Armenoid – % Nordic – % West-Baltid – % Mediterranean. Karakterologija Jugoslovena. Front Cover. Vladimir Dvorniković QR code for Karakterologija Jugoslovena. Title, Karakterologija Jugoslovena. Author, Vladimir . Karakterologija Jugoslovena. Front Cover. Vladimir Dvorniković. Kosmos, – National characteristics, Yugoslav – pages.

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He was a professor at the University of Zagreb during the s. He is best known for authoring the book “Characterology of the Yugoslavs. His father Ljudevit-Lujo was a pedagogue, and his mother Marjana was also an educator and a part-time publicist.

Vladimir was the eldest of eleven children. In the 3rd year of high school he became interested in literature and was an enthusiastic reader of the works of Herbert Spencer and Ernst Haeckel.

He received his doctorate from Vienna in with his thesis titled “About the necessity of the psychological establishment of the cognitive theory.

Karakterologija jugoslovena – Vladimir Dvorniković – Google Books

Apart from dissertation, he profiles himself as a psychologist with the book “Both essential types of philosophizing karaktwrologija Attempt of psychological jugoslovenna in current philosophical currents”, published in German in Berlin of During he begins lecturing at the University of Zagreb with the theme “Philosophy and Science.


A strong proponent of “integrated Yugoslavism” the concept of the Yugoslav Democratic Partyhe is an opponent to political demagogy and to the regime of his time. As a result, in – only a year prior to becoming a regular professor, at age 38 becomes retired.

After his departure from karkterologija university, he becomes intensely active in public affairs. He recites over lectures in public across all parts of united Yugoslaviabut also in ViennaPragueand Zurich.

He annunciates discussions, various studies, essays, articles, displays, and criticisms. He moves to Belgrade and, after the establishment of the Sixth-of-January dictatorship, fully cooperates with the new regime. Inhe became the assistant of the ministry of education, but is soon retired in He authors the book “Battle Idea” inand then writes his most famous book intitled “Characterology of the Yugoslavs. Juvoslovena the second World War he lives withdrawn in Belgrade.

After the establishment of Communist Yugoslavia karakteologija, he is enrolled as a member of the “Commission for the constructing appellation in architecture.

He authors smaller articles regarding the history of culture, archeology, ethnology, and psychology.

Karakterologija Jugoslovena

He was briefly involved in photography. Written in Serbo-Croatian Karakterologija Jugoslavenathe book addresses the need to establish a national marakterologija within the entire country. He claims that Serbs and Croats can only survive as a strong nation by integrating into one people like the unification of Germans and Germany or that of Italians and Italy. The book did not dismiss the differences among people that inhabited Yugoslavia, but stressed that these differences were “contingent and karaoterologija and that they mask a deeper and more profound racial unity”.


Vladimir dvornikovic karakterologija jugoslovena download free – heulep

He also advocated the idea of a Dinaric raceand his book overall gives a comprehensive description of unitarist Yugoslav mythology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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