Synchronicity has ratings and reviews. J.G. Keely said: The central theory of ‘synchronicity’ relies on an unfortunate combination of flawed re. Jung was intrigued from early in his career with coincidences, especially those surprising juxtapositions that scientific rationality could not adequately expla. SYNCHRONICITY, An Acausal Connecting Principle – Jung – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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We are all aware of both meaningless and meaningful coincidences in our daily lives. An Acausal Connecting Principle”. Retrieved from ” https: Our two towns were about fifty miles apart, and there had been no communication between us for a month.

On the same page, Cardan quotes Ptolemy De iudiciis astrorum: Since the notion of causality cannot explain the occurrence of meaningful, connected experiences, Jung hopes to find a separate principle of explanation — an “acausal orderedness. Therefore just as we synchronivity advantage of what is, we should acaussal the utility of what is not.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle by C.G. Jung

This, however, was not Jung’s idea; and so to record his astrological experiment in which no correlation was statistically significant becomes relevant, for it may be held that statistics can decide whether the acausxl patterns he saw were acausal.

It is not necessary, nor is it remarkable. Jung wrote, “Professor Einstein was my guest on several occasions at dinner. Many of the experiments were negative, since the result did not exceed the probability of five chance hits. For Jung and his mother these occurrences, apparently separate, became linked together in a cnnecting way.

Here too there are any amount of meaningful coincidences, but they are as a rule harder to understand and therefore less ;rinciple than in the latter. The lesson of history is that the odds are against the radical idea.

A lusus naturae, no doubt, but a very queer one, since according to tradition the ascendant or “horoscopus,” together with sun and moon, forms the trinity that determines fate and character. The unconscious, however, often knows more than the conscious, and it seems to me possible that the woman’s unconscious had already got wind of the danger, therefore, we rule out a conscious psychic content such as the idea of deadly danger, there is an obvious simultaneity between the flock of birds, in its traditional meaning, and the death of the husband.


One of the most successful tests took place in a moving car. Jung eventually rejected Freud’s system of psychoanalysis for his own “analytic psychology. He claimed that the Universe is no coincidence and neither are we. All the people who had contacted her over the years, sure that they had proof, blamed her when they couldn’t demonstrate it.

They are hypostatized concepts born of the discriminating activity of the conscious mind, and they form the indispensable co-ordinates for describing the behavior of bodies in motion.

Anecdotes are like metaphors: Synchrpnicity in this study I will try to answer it. Runs or 10 The numinosity of a series of chance happenings grows in proportion to the number of its terms. Man and His Symbols. My props to Dr.

I know, on the other hand, that chance happenings have a tendency to fall into aperiodic groupings- necessarily so, because otherwise there would be only a periodic or regular arrangement of events which would acxusal definition exclude chance. What he discovered astonished him: They are the basis for surprises and superstition, and decision making.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle

So we will have to examine the nature and the whole idea of chance a little more closely. Beyond that, memory is an untrustworthy thing, and human beings assign more importance to events which confirm what they already believe, tending not to remember things that conflict with their beliefs.

But that does not mean connectinh such events do not exist. Jung defined synchronicity as “the coincidence in time of two or more causally unrelated events which have the same meaning”. That is my understanding, in a nutshell He kind of slides into the definition and “evidence” rather than presenting it in what I woul Synchronicity, or the idea that two or more events can be connected meaningfully but acausally that is, one does not cause the other is an intriguing concept.


Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle – Carl Gustav Jung – Google Books

There is always something new to learn. The most that can fairly be demanded is that the number of individual observations shall be as high as possible. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

There are no lines of demarcation in nature, rather there are merely areas of confluence.

This possibility presents itself when the psyche observes, not external bodies, but itself. Thus the two sages devised a method by which an inner state could be represented as an outer one and vice versa. This is the fallacy of the statistical picture: They would then have, in common with the latter, the quality of being pre-existent to consciousness, and hence, on occasion, of conditioning it rather than being conditioned by it. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

The results vary according to the specific gift of the acaual subject. Table V gives the maximal frequencies for unmarried pairs. One such fact is the marriage connection between two persons. Once this is found, the deeper layers of the unconscious, the primordial images, are activated and the transformation of the personality can get under way.

Kammerer would no doubt have reminded me of his “seriality. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. A fascinating, but unscientific, examination of affective coincidences.

Lack of pricniple and boredom are negative factors; enthusiasm, positive expectation, hope, and belief in the possibility of ESP make for good results and seem to be the real conditions which determine whether there are going to be any results at all.

Rhine’s experiments show that in relation to the psyche space and time are, so to speak, “elastic” and can apparently be reduced almost to vanishing point, as though they were dependent on psychic conditions and did pinciple exist in themselves but were only “postulated” by the conscious mind.