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JSS (Revision No. 1) CONTENTS Srl. No. Page No. Appendix ‘L’ Format and Cover Page of Design Specification and Packaging Specification. JSS (Revis 29 JSS (Revision No. 1 FORMAT AND CONTENTS OF PACKAGING SPECIFICATION CONTENTS. JSS Binding data, Design Drawings and Technical documentation. Binding Drawing. The manufacturers shall submit “as built” drawings.

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And load variations within 10 utilization equipment. The testing installation shall provide for a mounting arrangement of better or equal stiffness than the expected one for the ship structure where the unit will be installed. In case of a conflict between the contents of this document and the applicable portions of the referenced documents, the contents of this document shall take precedence.

Care is to be taken in the design and manufacture to ensure that the airborne noise and structure borne vibrations produced by the transformer rectifier, the self jjss airborne noise and vibration level must not exceed 60 dB.

The following general control design principles apply: The equipment is to be capable of withstanding, for the operating time of the output fuses or the output circuit breaker, a short circuit applied to the output terminals when running at any load between the normal full load and no-load.

Conducts switching spikes, which are excursions of the instantaneous voltage not exceeding 50 microseconds, shall be considered normal operation characteristics.

The main power is derived from aircraft generators driven by the aircraft propulsion engines. Crest factor – 1. The equipment is to be fitted with a double ended threaded M earth stud both sides of the equipment.

Remote control of converter is to be fitted in control switchboard panel located in Hangar. The format and content of documentation being provided should be as per JSS The transient voltage performance of the generator with AVR is to be as mentioned at para to The direct current dc component of the AC voltage is the average value of the voltage.


Control and Protection The hand jzs system is to be as independent of the AVR circuitry as possible. The equipment is to be designed to meet the input and output characteristics for the most adverse environmental jsz electric conditions.

Such recommendations are to be commensurate with the reliability of critical components and component used in the system. Information Supplied While Tendering 7 5. Transients that exceed the steady state limits but remain within the specified normal transient uss are defined as normal transients.

Cable glands are to be supplied along with the main equipment for all incoming and outgoing cables.

Up to 8 starts in half an hour period jws 3 minutes cooling interval between 2 engine starts and up to 6 compressor washing with 1 minute interval in half an hour are permitted. The control panel shall be designed suitable for bulkhead mounting.

Cable size Gland Size i 2 No.

Jss 01 Template

All spares required for exploitation up to 2 years. The enclosure protection of various equipment shall be as follows: Transfer operation occurs when the electric system transfers between power sources, including transfers from or to external power sources.

Sustained overload capacity is not required. Following draft documents shall be presented for approval of Indian Navy. The equipment shall be provided with the following indications: Voltage unbalance is defined as the maximum difference between RMS phase voltage amplitudes at the utilization equipment terminals.

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Aircraft Electric Power Systems. The design of the equipment shall be such that the estimated mean time interval between failure shall not be less than hours. The distortion 02511 should be minimized where possible and distortion factor should not exceed 0. Compare these energy changes 1 volt means 1 joule of energy per.


naval headquarters directorate of electrical

The equipment offered for marine applications shall achieve specified output and function smoothly under tropical conditions. The frequency converters should be supplied with the following equipment and accessories: The equipment supplied shall be warranted from defects, manufacturer and performance for the said period and cover all the defects arising from malfunction through design faults, inappropriate material, bad production and non- conformance to specifications.

The equipment shall be designed so that all components may be removed from the front of the cubicle with the front cover only removed. Steady state is that condition in which the characteristics remain within the limits for normal operation steady state characteristics throughout an arbitrarily long period of time. The harmonic distortion of the input supply due to the design of the equipment, is to be no greater than the levels quoted in NES The manufacturers shall submit approval and As made drawings sufficiently detailed to show the manner of construction and operation, the method of assembly and dismantling.

If it is found to be technically unsuitable for any particular requirement, the Sponsor is to be informed in writing of the circumstances with a copy to Directorate of Electrical Engineering, Naval Headquarters, Sena Bhavan, New Delhi Number and type of Shock mounts required for rectifier, converter and control panel are to be supplied along with the main equipment. Estimated and calculation of the effects of fault conditions are to i Stored energy in the load e.