Joe Studwell. The men who control the economies of S.E. Asia are unimaginably rich and powerful. They gamble at golf for US$2 million a hole. This is – for the. Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East it comes from and – as Joe Studwell shows – how destructive it can be. Asian Godfathers. Joe Studwell. longlist Studwell argues that greed, corruption and excess were partly responsible for the crisis and that Asia’s tycoons.

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Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia – Joe Studwell – Google Books

Jun 12, Missy J rated it liked it Shelves: It’s a thesis convincingly sustained as Studwell travels the region pointing out raw material concessions here, infrastructure projects there and government-granted monopolies more or less everywhere, which eliminate competition and are licences to print money.

This is a relatively old book published in I wish more would read this book and realized how the public has been short changed by the government and these individuals.

Not all the information are new but a good collection of all the rumors and news you’ll hear about the Asian tycoons. Nov 25, Erwin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He has particular animus towards Lee Kuan Yew for his racialist theories and elitism and LK Shing for his popular portrayal as a shrewd and frugal businessman whose massive fortune is entirely a product of Hong Kong’s highly regulated domestic economy.

Listen to the city. It’s an olig Really important description of how crony capitalism wrecks economies and the hardworking laborers that live in them. It’s easy to be carried away by Studwell’s quick flowing prose, but as he sweeps along he brushes past a key question of how exactly these tycoons leapfrogged from the crowd of other businessmen to a position where they were able to get their hands on all these highly lucrative concessions. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after these godfathers pass away, seeing that most of their children are incapable of leading an enterprise like their fathers did.


The most dedicated propagators of eugenic myths the prize here goes to Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, claims Studwell say that race provides the key to understanding their inherent abilities.

East Asian’s have first world standards of living. Indeed, an interesting read that not only provides insight into the past, but also maybe the future! Ho shot back, “Not only won’t I stay out of the kitchen, but I will also cook a barbecue pork rice set. Exploring the Improbable Nation is essential reading.

Business Books: Asian Godfathers–money, bets, and sex | Reuters

There are big implications here for both China and the USA. Jadi berasa lebih ngeuh saja. Subscribe to the Mekong Review Travelfish. There is also a repeated discussion about the economic purpose of Singapore and Hong Kong: He usefully reminds us to be sceptical about the many rags-to-riches claims that surround these tycoons, pointing out, for example, that two of Hong Kong’s most prominent godfathers, Li Ka-Shing and Cheng Yu-tong, came from humble backgrounds but got their first step on the ladder by marrying their boss’ daughters.

Then this is the Vietnam book for you. What a refreshing, shocking, beautiful, thought-provoking read. In xsian regard, Studwell can see the genie coming out the bottle in certain places.


Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia

Feb 17, Chris rated it it was amazing. Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table is a memoir of avid street-food-diner-turned-blogger Graham Holliday.

Apr 23, Thai Son rated it really liked it Shelves: Perhaps the greatest strength of this book is its demolition of the myths that surround these men – and, yes, they’re all men.

Though he’s studdell explicit on the point, Studwell does indicate that some form of co-dependency between tycoons and dictators or brief statist strongmen created these economic policy decisions. Jul 05, Peter Gregoire rated it it was amazing.

My Life With Bob: How to be a postwar godfather. And it’s that genius for making a deal that led the godfathers to understand asina the really crucial deals had to be made with politicians who had the power to grant the lucrative concessions.

Nothing surprising though for anyone who lives in Asia and follows what’s going on. This intervention prevents countries from realizing the maximum benefits of comparative advantage.

His documentation is superb and well cited and the list godfathres families and their backgrounds is a gold mine.

Aug 07, Maria added it. Why do you want to add lots of chillies?

This is the ugly truth of most of the so-called Godfathers’ wealth in South East Asia. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.