Excelling at Chess has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Alberto said: A fun read, but not much here that will actually help you excel at chess. The other books. Sep 24, Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series. LastImpression. Sep 20, #1. Does anyone here have an opinion of the aagaard series? I believe there are 6 books in. Excelling at Chess by Jacob Aagaard. Excelling at Chess Jacob Aagard; pages; Everyman Chess, I can’t recall an example, although I imagine that .

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Let’s say, hypothetically, that I’m wrong about the degree of intuition required in this particular game, which Af believes shouldn’t be qualified by my ‘to some extent’.

See the September issue of Chess Life for jcaob rapturous review. But wait, there’s more: The issue, remember, is whether explicit chews, in particular classical ones, are being used in such a case, even in combination with ach other.

Now, does central control count as another “thing being equal” or does my queen being developed at an early stage cancel it out more or less, and what about my doubled pawns, his initiative Jacob, you have a divine talent for writing, is indescribable the way which I admire your work, already said via email on one occasion, but I say again, my sincere congratulations!

Simple wt, which are largely intuitive and involve choosing between multiple candidate moves. I gather that the order you propose is: Abusive behaviour and discrimination against others will not be tolerated. Qxc4, and to some extent You can read Attacking Manual 1 and 2 when your solving is getting steady.


Excelling at Chess by Jacob Aagaard

Attacking Manual 1 works well together with Attack and Defence. Therefore if knights cannot be on the edge in the endgame, when only a few pieces remain, then this illustrates how little they contribute when out there. What I do assert, as before, is that modern players are much less inclined to use such a rule to direct their play. I think they were too hard for me. Okay, but if Aagard would give us an example of doing this, I think that one would see precisely why many rules are impractical to apply over the board by comparison with a direct approach.

Jacob Aagaard | Chess Book Reviews

Tim Going from being an option to giving a date is a long step. E-Mail will not be published required. So does Aagaard but he also covers in detail when you should start calculating.

Paperback fxcelling, pages.

First of all, this is pretty murky: The goal of the books in this series thus far is to offer an honest accounting of how a super GM like Gelfand decides on his moves. I hope to see more from Yusopov in the future.

Each chapter begins with a short introduction to the topic at jqcob, and this is followed by the positions for solving.

I give a philosophic basis for preferring the bishop development in certain positions, and suggest that the rule is of doubtful value as the basis for playing the opening today. Let’s take a closer look. But I don’t even say, and would never say, that knights are as good as bishops in most open positions even in the middlegame – quite the opposite!


My first Aagaard book was Excelling at Positional chess. It can be warmly recommended to players over and those slightly lower if plucky and willing to work.

Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series

The whole idea is absurd. First issue 17th September Chess is very difficult and takes a long time to learn, but it can and will happen. Positional play already done twice, thinking on going over it for the third time.

The title suggests that this book could assist the aspiring af to learn what it takes to really Excel at Chess. So preparation was probably a huge factor in deciding whether his bishop and other factors would outweigh White’s advantages.

Im talking early retirement for you and the Team — you could quit work and start doing what you enjoy like writing chess books and stuff like that. You can read the articles in sittings and cjess the exercises in one. I have bought a couple of books this month authored by you.

Capitalising on tactical chances Kindle Edition.