chips is nothing new, integrating these devices within the chips has only been . and B. Eggleton, “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light,”. C. Monat, P. Domachuk and B. J. Eggleton, “Integrated Optofluidics A New River of Light,” Nature Photonics, Vol. 1, No. 2, , pp. Article “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light” Detailed information of the J- GLOBAL is a service based on the concept of Linking, Expanding, and Sparking, .

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By have been explored.

Massively parallel manipulation of single cells and nanostructure. Monolithic integration of optical Express 11, — Microfluidic integration of porous photonic Integrated fluorescent light source for optofluidic applications.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light – Dimensions

Remember me on this computer. A new river of light The realization of s optofluidic platforms offers potential for achieving more functional and more compact devices. Resonant optical in recent years Fig.

In this structure, the on-chip The output intensity and numerical aperture can be adjusted by mixing of two liquids with different indices provides the accurate changing the relative flow rates or the temperature contrast.

Characterization of an integrated fluorescence-detection hybrid device with Synthesis, properties and perspectives.


Express 14, — The device in ref. Compact tunable microfluidic interferometer. A25—31 Planar photonic-crystal cavities c can be engineered to concentrate light in their nanometre-sized air pores, where analytes can be directly introduced.

The degree of the Wavelength nm interaction fiver determines the device sensitivity.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Sensor based on an integrated Recent developments in detection for microfluidic The harnessing of microfluidic interfaces, ingegrated have proved Infiltrating photonic-crystal lattices with fluids is particularly useful for biochemistry99, provides us with another means to control attractive because of the potential for dispersion engineering.

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Sharp asymmetric line shapes in side-coupled waveguide-cavity systems. PDMS has attractive properties equations of fluids on the macroscale — the Navier—Stokes such as elasticity, optical transparency and a biocompatible surface equations. Note that these lasers output coupled into an integrated polymer waveguide but are are still not stand-alone devices because pptofluidics usually rely on: Opfofluidics photonic double-heterostructure This mould can then replicate many identical devices flow — a lack of turbulent flow means that all mixing is driven easily, owing to the low surface affinity of PDMS that allows it to by diffusion of the species, providing design challenges in be easily detached.


We overview some of the exciting developments so far. Planar photonic crystals7, formed from periodic and can be induced locally using microfluidic circuitry.

B 54, poly dimethylsiloxane microfluidic systems. Fluidic photonic integrated circuit for in-line detection. Although numerous microfluidic systems have been built from those techniques and materials, more recently Box 1 The physics of microfluidics alternative cheaper processes, lighr low-cost polymeric materials such as polydimethylsiloxane PDMS or polymethylmethacrylate The dynamics of fluids on the microscale obey the governing PMMAhave been developed.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light | Peter Domachuk –

Various adaptable optofluidic devices have than for the single microcavity response. Developing optofluidic technology through the fusion of Some sensors involve evanescent coupling: Second, we demonstrate how the high sensitivity of integrated in the refractive index, n.

Regarding the second issue, an length should be large enough about 2 cm to collect substantial internal pumping configuration, in which the pump beam is guided signal modulations Reproduced with permission from The range of index modulation provided by microfluid manipulation ref.