Download Details and Instructions for CI HD DI v. The Humminbird ci HD DI includes the vast majority of qualities that happens to be absolutely essential on the water nowadays. It includes / kHz (DI). The Humminbird ci HD DI is at the head of its class. New for the HB ci HD DI has many of the features that are a necessity on the water today.

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Installed on a pontoon boat. Really great for “seeing” what under the boat while searching for the warmest water for swimming or surfing.

The GPS locater is incredibly accurate and can be used in conjunction with several other features humminbigd ensure that you get immediate results. For the price though, this is a great unit.

Humminbird did a wonderful job making this product as user friendly as possible. I actually returned this item and opted for the huminbird SI combo because I needed something that was compatible with my Cannon Digitrolls using Cannonlink.

Tree stumps, an old cabin cruiser and some underwater fences look just like they should be. An added card slot allows you to use additional maps and save waypoints throughout the trip.

You would be hard pressed to find a fish finder that can compare to the ci HD Hummibird and all the technological advancements that come along with it. One of the major benefits of the ci HD DI is the built in SD card slot that can be used to save waypoints and maps.


The unit operates at both 20 and 60 degrees, allowing you for to cover a wide area of water below you. This is read and then shown on screen humjinbird one of three symbols associated with fish size, allowing you to decide whether the catch below you is worth your time or not.

Humminbird CI Combo Fishfinder | eBay

My GPS died after only about 30 hours of use. Rather than viewing what is behind, in front, or at the side of the boat, you will be able to clearly view and observe what is happening under your boat, as the Down Imaging technology name implies. Lowrance Elite 7x Review: Not just as changes in bottom contour, but very distinctly as in individual leaves or branches.

Good color and sonar but the navigate menu will not work so I have no GPS. The ci HD DI manages to have one of xwhich makes the detail available so much finer to the yeye. Humminbird ci HD DI.

Humminbird ci HD DI Review – Fish Finder Guy

I highly recommend this unit. Final Points Humminbirf ci HD DI fishfinder from Humminbird carries a brilliant crisp display monitor with plenty of pixels as well as an exceptionally unique sonar package. The ci HD DI comes per standard with a 5-inch screen which is right in-line with similar units.

Couldn’t wait to put it on the boat and use it!

Humminbird 597ci HD Fishfinder Review

First off, the Split Screen Zoom feature that improves the resolution display significantly. Therefore, you will be able to view everything under your boat with impressive details, right on the fantastic 5i inch LED monitor.


See the structures in perfect detail and identify fish with ease at water depths of up to ft. I also like the split screen feature with the traditional sonar readings. Dual Beam Plus is Optimized for humminbirs coverage of the bottom. Everything including fish, the bait and even your vertical jigging can be watched on the screen of the Humminbird CI Combo. Everything else works fine: The fishfinder has nice features but mine was a lemon. Incredibly sensitive, this Marine Fishfinder allows you to track a jig up to 70 feet and can separately indicate fish as close as 2.

One of the best things of the device is how easy it is to operate and use. One more excellent capability is definitely the SD card slot that can be used for maps and charts. I love Humminbird products. The same system is responsible for providing information related to the depth of where the fish are hummiinbird. The item does not come with its own battery and customers have to buy one on their own.