Jul 27, El hexagrama 48 es llamado 井 (ching), “El Pozo”. You can alter the city, you cannot alter the Well. Without loss, without gain, they go and they come in their order. The Well is always the Well. A muddy bottom. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘The Well Of Joy’ . An inexhaustible supply of love, nourishment, and sustenance are referenced.

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In dreams, water embodies how we approach change, and its behavior reflects how we feel about these changes. It has been abandoned. Look-up any I Ching.

People come and go, drawing from the well. If the king is enlightened, he will use it for the benefit of all. If the general idea of the figure was different, a bad auspice might be drawn from it.

This field should be left blank. Without loss, without gain, they go and they come in their order. The sixth line, magnetic, shows the hexagraa from the well brought to the top, which is not allowed to be covered.

I Ching Hexagram #48:

If the king were clear-minded, good fortune might be enjoyed in common. The water level of a well hexagramx neither increase nor decrease from use.

Find the seed of the ne w by emphasizing common human needs and strengths. Hence the text lines indicate, from the first upward, ever increasing clarification and auspiciousness in the situation, in contrast to the danger indicated in the judgement on the hexagram as a whole. Thus do superior people comfort the people and encourage reciprocity. Adjusting the well indeed. The image of the well suggests that going further within produces greater clarity.


This inner preparation leads to what is greater. Philosophically, this is the field of power and virtue deeternally shifting yet abiding in place.

The wood represents not the buckets, which in ancient times were made of clay, but rather the wooden poles by which the water is hauled up from the well. Tarot Free Tarot Reading popular!

Hecagrama — The Book of Tokens A. Your love life will flourish by paying attention to the broad range of connections in your world.

It is a pity. So good of you to write them out for us. This describes the situation of a person who possesses good qualities but neglects them.

…life can be translucent

One asks the assistants who are ready to come back to respond to the needs. Activating my hexagtama aching. The Well is associated with the reservoir of unconscious activity like fear and inspiration. The fifth line, dynamic, shows a clear, hexagramz well, the waters from whose cold spring are freely drunk. Circle of Meanings Underlying structure or network, resources held in common, source of life-water welling up from the depths; communicate, interact, return to common needs, strengths and feelings; life and community in good order, a norm, model, measure.


This can be heartbreaking for the other who has feelings that run deep. The Image The old character shows the well field system, eight family fields grouped around a central well shared by all.

Thus the well is a place where only fish will stay, and whoever comes to it, comes only to catch fish. The well is being put in working hesagrama. Do not hide this source of spiritual nourishment.

I Ching Hexagram Organization – One distributes their action according to a plan. | Taoscopy

The Well is a norm, a model of order that meets common needs, an endless and inexhaustible source of the water of life. It is a Mission of the stage of the Symbolic Life that confers higher levels of empowerment in culture and a new ritual status on the fully individualized being. All content copyright iFate. The first sentence implies activities which call forth pity; the second, that we should accept our good fortune.

When you awaken sincerity, you discover the Way. Follow your true desire and wait for new developments.