So we’re nearing exchange on our house and our buyers solicitor has asked for a copy of our hetas certificate for our woodburning stove. Hi, I am in the (long) process of purchasing a 4 bed detached property. We have now been told that the wood burner does not have any. Just realized that in the heat of battle renovation, I forgot completely to get a HETAS certificate for our open fireplace, which Im guessing BC will.

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Blazing Burners are HETAS registered therefore once we have performed your installation in accordance to Government building regulations as determined in Approved Document Jwe are then able to self certify your installation.

HETAS & Safety

If you were to perform the installation yourself, you would have to contact your local building control and get them to certify your installation which is a complicated process, involves other parties, and is time certiricate and expensive. Once your wood burner or multi certifixate stove install is complete, you will receive your certificate of compliance. This demonstrates ceftificate the installation was carried out by a competent HETAS installer and complies with the relevant Building Regulations.

The information on the certificate is used to record your installation, and is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department LABC of the work that was undertaken. The information is required to validate household insurance and will be required by solicitors in any home selling process.


Without a HETAS Certificate of Compliance, you hettas face difficulties when selling a property and potentially void a household insurance policy.

It provides information essential to the correct application and use of the facilities we have installed ehtas is a requirement by law that it should be permanently posted in the building — we typically it in your consumer unit.

As a rule of thumb, if your house is a new build built after or if your wood or multi fuel stove exceeds 5Kw in output, then you will require additional ventilation.

This will allow for efficient combustion and thus protect individuals from the hazardous effects of burning substances — in particular carbon monoxide.

The amount of additional air supply required mostly depends upon the output of your stove. The best type of additional ventilation we like to install are Rytons Lookryt vents.

These are certififate friendly and we ask you to go over these and come back to us with any questions you may have before the install.

In the process of combustion — a gas called Carbon Certificatr CO is released. This is a poisonous gas and in abundance is detrimental to your health.

However, the amount of CO released in this process is so small that it is not harmful. Your log burner and chimney system come with warranties and should be serviced yearly to maintain these warranties and prevent the efficiency of your stove and system being compromised.

HETAS & Safety – Blazing Burners: Wood Burner Installations

Blazing Burners will supply and correctly fit according to specific guidance a CO ehtas in accordance with British Standards. Your CO alarm should be tested weekly — simply by pressing a button — to ensure it is working correctly. This will ensure that you are notified in the unlikely event of excessive CO leakage. Symptoms of CO poisoning include headaches, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision and loss of consciousness.

  DYNOJET 4165.001 PDF

Crtificate new appliance and flue liner will be under conditional warranties.

Experts In:

The stoves warranty will vary in length depending on the stove. The flexible liner will either be warranted for 15 or 30 years depending on the grade of the stainless steel.

The twin wall rigid flue will be warranted for 10 years. The conditions of these warranties stipulate that the stove and liner have to be installed following guidelines that we would adhere to. On completion of the install, the other conditions are now your responsibility. They typically include having your stove serviced once a year; your flue swept twice a year and burning correct fuels for your stove — seasoned logs and certain multifuels.

The liner warranty covers a replacement but not the removal or re-fitting of the existing liner. Blazing Burners will be happy to service your stove and you should expect a call 12 months after installation or during the summer, unless you have contacted us certifciate to this.