Hellstrom’s Hive is a good example of this, taken on face value the novel is just as good a novel as Dune (if not better) but differs incredibly in. I recently picked up one of his non Dune related novels titled Hellstrom’s Hive and it does seem like a faint echo of Dune. When I first started. If you can find a copy of Hellstrom’s Hive, by all means read it. I’ve read a good handful of Herbert’s non-Dune books over the years (most of.

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Somtow 1 Saad Z. I don’t see the point in hashing over the story in a review.

Hellstrom’s Hive

I remember just loving it. Thus, with our lesson from the insect, comes a hellstfom warning. I would be interested in a sequel, and I think it could make a very good movie and I’m interested in checking out the movie this was inspired by, “The Hellstrom Chronicle”. Three and half stars.

Hellstrom’s Hive, by Frank Herbert

Something very strange is going on in a rural valley in the Pacific Northwest. Hellstrom a wide cast of characters, however theres really no development – characters have a specific function uellstrom play and thats it. Herbert makes the storyline more nuanced by being careful to increase your hivr for the Hive, and by carefully selecting those who encounter the Hive so you’re less sympathetic to them than you would otherwise be. Seems like some editing could uellstrom been us 4 stars, because i really liked it.

The sex “hype” drugs – 18 times Just sit back, and enjoy the ride. He advances the story well using the point of view of multiple hige which slowly brings you into “Hellstrom’s Hive”. Which Dune itself borrowed from. Dec 13, Ben rated it really liked it Shelves: Perhaps some of that female flesh could be revived and preserved.

His admiration, and one suspects his sympathies, lie with the insects. Aug 21, Thomas rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Seeing other people’s high regard for Dune, I feel that I owe the books a revisit with hivve maturity and wisdom of age.


Agents are immediately sent to covertly investigate his remote and secluded farm compound where most of his nature films are being produced. Some good classic SF from a very accomplished author. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He truly is trying to save the human race by forcing us to evolve into a more adaptable animal. The contrast between individualism and a group consciousness is a major theme in this work.

The idea, and I think Herbert pulls it off, is to make both sides equally sympathetic and unsympathetic in their own ways. In my mind this book seems to be a light warm up or perhaps a much needed combo breaker that helped Herbert to get into the mood for Children of Dune.

By moving between both Hive perspective and motivations, and the all-too-human pawns and powerbrokers in the secretive government agency investigating it, the book forces the reader to consider competing models of social organisation. Mar 30, Andrewcharles rated it it was amazing Shelves: And like most of his writing, all excellent, it is difficult to assess this work without references to his greatest work, Dune.

Character development is negligible in this genre anyway. Herbert creates a believable work of fiction from the rather implausible concept of an insect race developing technology and genetic engineering in parallel to us on earth. Pheromones and other chemical clues keep different castes of hive humans obedient to their roles–and enhance breeding programs for select qualities.

First published in Galaxy magazine in as hellstro 40,” Frank Herbert’s vivid imagination and brilliant view of nature and ecology have never been more evident than in this classic of science fiction. View all 9 comments. Jun 12, Carlex rated it really liked it. Chapman 1 Jason M. Bive interesting themes such as human evolution and the concept of a Human Hive and – ‘wild humans’ lol. Kinky, creepy, and thought provoking at the same time.

Novel Review – Hellstrom’s Hive | WWEnd

Hellstrom is well written, and uses that distinct 3rd person, objective, omnipotent narration style that you know and love from the Dune books. The third act is a non stop action sequence, which i thought was rather well done.


The insect hivemind concept is incredibly different from the ecological ideas fleshed out in Dune and HH is one of the only SciFi books to ever look deeply into what a hivemind organization of humans could look like.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By the time they do get an agent inside, the weapon is operational The narrative flips between the Hive perspective and the Agency’s perspective, as each finds out more about what the other is doing, the Agency trying to find out about the weapon the Hive is working on, and the Hive trying to keep Outsiders away and in the dark long enough to reach hkve accommodation with them.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recognizing the evolutionary success of insects, they sought to emulate them in every way. Audiobook sounds like someone reading Wind in the Hvie.

Hellstroms Hive | Terminally Incoherent

The hive is now threatened with discovery by the outside world as a secret government agency attempts to learn what is happening in the valley which conceals the hive Images from this novel have stayed vivid in my memory for more than thirty years. See 1 question about Hellstrom’s Hive….

Paperbackpages. There are mute drone workers chemically stripped out of free will, grotesque and sterile science specialists with withered bodies but superhuman intellect, inbred dim witted and docile hulks used for heavy lifting and etc.

There are also several net cartoons set in the same universe called Fem School and Femboy School. So we get a unique look on what really drives Hellstrom and his people, and how they view the outside world.