Bach made an impromptu visit to King Frederick the Great of Prussia, and was . Gödel, Escher, and Bach are deeply intertwined in this very short Dialogue. on: Gödel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey Not % sure if that torrent is legit, but I’ve had the mp4 files on my harddisk for a few. I don’t think it’s at all pretentious, it’s just an exploration of a bunch of fun things that occurred to Hofstadter, some of which probably occurred to.

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Download/Read Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden

Just read it and make up your own mind. Godel, Escher, Bach has 2 available editions to toorrent at Alibris. July 30 Jul – Godel Escher Bach: I have been searching everywhere for an ebook or pdf of godel escher bach.

Yes, it’s all of what you listed. Reading Godel, Escher, Bach is like joining a club.

Looks like they were copy pasted from an auto-truncated source or something. It’s a classic, and cannot go “out-of-date” as in “invalid”. GEB uses indentation to indicate things like the structure of a dialogue or the structure of a logical argument, and without it, some entire sections will become very unclear.

Study basics work free ebook pdf kindle reader online textbook epub electronic summary of the book Godel Escher Bach: Retrieved December 31 from https: It’s been a while and I knew it was some book on the trorent when Neo was sleeping on his desk. I have found previous versions where they have lines through the pages and the double scanned pages are cropped at the edges.


I remember reading this but can’t remember finishing it so I presume Eschr one of the multitude who let it slide halfway through. I can’t read all of it by any stretch, but it’s at least as good as T. Anonymous Fri Dec 12 Life is to short to should one’s self. Holy smokes, that looks like OCR text, and then someone has gone to the trouble of pasting in each individual image, including formulas etc.

It looks like I mostly skipped the pretentious parts, and read the parts with whimsical humor. It’s essentially Hofstadter splattering his young and brilliant mind onto the printed page – drawing connections between the principles and intermingling Pythonesque dialogs and treating the whole thing seriously is absurd. Study toorrent work and materials with rules trilogy, diaries integrated literature. I keep it around for more a reference purpose.


Torent you find parts to be a bit heavy, you can speed up or slow down per your personal preference. It also won a Pulitzer Prize back when it was released. To ask my own And if he feels that an e-reader would mangle his work enough that it wouldn’t be worth paying for, I’d trust his judgment.

People who see you reading it will open spontaneous conversations and often gift you with unexpected insights. Godel, Escher, Bach ” is a wonderful exploration of fascinating ideas at the heart of cognitive science: An Eternal Golden Braid?

In addition to the kind of OCR errors you point out, they didn’t even try to preserve things like indentation. An Eternal Golden Braid. When those situations arise, IMHO the best advice is to give it a go and form your own opinion.

Fucking scribd has it but I think the “exploit” to download books from them was fixed.


Download/Read Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden

It’s my favorite book. All of your links appear to be broken.

I mean, the OCR program has no idea that blank space is meaningful. If that’s true, why are some of his other books available in the Kindle store?

mp4 format here | Hacker News

I thought tkrrent was great the first time I read it. An Eternal Golden Braid A Mental Space Odyssey — What do one mathematician. Godel, Escher, Bach – 20th Anniversary Edition author: Indeed, it takes a little effort to read things from an unfamiliar historical context, but it’s worthwhile learning to appreciate them. Though Hofstadter might have become pretentious in the thirty-five odd years since he wrote the book, in its time, it certainly wasn’t pretentious – it was a risky literary exercise by an unknown author.

Many of the versions listed on that site contain the same errors. There are many typos which make understanding the technical parts of the book impossible. Buy Godel, Escher, Bach: Douglas Hofstadter won’t allow it to be published in electronic form.

A Question of Torernt. It was also at a time in my life where I didn’t know much about recursion or self-referential statements, which made the book’s ideas all the more engaging. I first encountered it in high school. I’m still glad I read it, so I guess my answer is yes.