God Speaks. Meher Baba. Hardcover pages Sheriar Books is a (c)(3) (non-profit) corporation © Sheriar Foundation. Quotes from Meher Baba. GOD SPEAKS. The Theme of Creation and Its Purpose. Second Edition (), third printing (). By. Meher Baba. An Avatar Meher Baba Trust eBook. The publication of God Speaks in gave rise to questions on particular points of metaphysical detail. Meher Baba’s answers to these questions were.

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Most play no further active part in Creation.


Showing of 38 reviews. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Why should I fear? The Path of Love. Latent in this Infinite state is the undifferentiated and unmanifested Everything.

Yet, since it tries to achieve this by associating itself with impressions opposite from the previously accumulated ones, it gets further bbaba in accumulating fresh impressions. That facsimile appears here in full color.


The East West Gathering, where thousands of Eastern and Western lovers were brought together in one massive darshan is detailed.

In quadruped animal form, an increasingly erect position is experienced, with much more developed attributes.


It left me speechless. If you are interested in God, this book is probably lecture for you. In the vegetable forms, increased consciousness asserts itself through a vertical position and is depended on soil and rock to hold an upright position.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yet Baba was patient and would literally spend hours to convey something.

God Speaks

Rachel Patterson rated it really liked it May 10, When the human form is reached, along with the gross body, the subtle and mental bodies also reach full development and although they remain spaks, the soul indirectly works through them in the corresponding spheres. The most profound book I have ever read. From stone to God, whole creatures’ long journey.

To the one who accepts Meher Baba’s position, God’s plan is revealed vividly through these pages. This question disrupts the limitless, undivided, absolute vacuum, and its reverberations create individualized souls, compared to drops or bubbles within the Ocean. Books about Meher Baba. Saints dwell in the fifth, sixth, and seventh planes.

As Baba explains, the driving force of evolution is God’s whim to know Himself. Dec 17, Drea rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I have learned a little more about how God Speaks and how it has nothing to do with book and how many you read, nor is our purpose on earth to become trapped in the mind.


God Speaks was one of the best books ive ever read. A must read for the people who want to understand the spirituality and different planes of existence. The New Life began on October 16, [… Next …].

God Speaks – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. On the bookcover, Meher baba is looking at the ocean See all 38 reviews. Each of these states is an eternal state for the consciousness which has overcome all illusion.

So the original “Who am I? Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. In this way the soul starts dissociating itself from the gross world, enabling its consciousness to become aware of the subtle sphere. Having abstained from tampering with the energy of the fourth plane, consciousness enters the fifth planealso described as the lower mental world.