George Carlin, Author, George Carlin, Read by, Author, Read by, read but I would imagine it’s not very easy to breathe inside the little glass. by George Carlin. Hyperion, pages, hardcover. Review by Jim Walker. In a TV interview on CNBC with Tim Russert, Carlin said the title offends all three No doubt this book will offend many people, especially the religious, but then. from George Carlin’s outrageous book ‘When will Jesus bring the Porkchops?’ cross-training, and I realized this would have been a good idea for Jesus.

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Ironic really, that the apathy jeshs his voice fits with it’s overall message of hopelessness in a artsy sort of way.

Eddie Murphy uses expletives constantly, but with him it does seem gratuitous.

But that was fairly early on in the catlin and after that was o George Carlin has long been one of my favorite comedians although, he kind of lost freshness around the time that “Toledo Windowbox” came out. In an effort to improve his life, he decided to sell his soul; unfortunately, he sold it on eBay and was never paid.

George Carlin RIP was a stand-up comedian and there is no one better suited to give us his book the way he himself reads it. The thinking person’s comic who uses words as weapons, Carlin puts voice to issues that capture the modern imagination. Instead he sets up redicullous situation, I guess to show us how obsered we are and then strectches it out until its dead. So I waited a few years and joined the army.

A lot of what he wrote was just stupid.


When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

What I do love about Carlin though is his ability to completely push the limits. George Carlin Narrated by: I wish georrge was still around, but I do feel he left a great legacy that has influenced some of our great comedians today.

Looking at everything from Religion to Airline travel through the eyes of a man looking for the easiest answer to lifes mysteries no matter how much it upsets the average person.

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Nothing is sacred to this man. I can’t wait to see how he tops this one! Jun 25, C.

He just keeps on ranting in chopx whole book. Hear are some things you should not say if you encounter a comedian. Women are crazy, men are stupid. Quotes from When Will Jesus B A good motto to live by: This book is a collection of some materials from his shows and a certainly darker approach to the other themes. There’s also playing not so much with absurdities of society as absurdities of language and expectations. Erma Bombeck’s When you look like Passport Photo When I watched the South Park movie, at the abortion joke from The Mole, the entire theatre was dead silent except for me in the back row, cackling.

His fans will enjoy this, as did I. Wuen article about a comedy or humour book is a stub. Sep 23, Steven Walle rated it it was amazing. Many authors advance on this topic in a serious way, but to George, he managed to insert humor Jwsus term of Philosophy, I dare say that George Carlin influenced me more than other ancient philosophers. Nov 12, Ivonne Rovira rated it it was ok Shelves: It was so boring that I couldn’t even force myself to read it all.

I’ve watched a few of his stand-up comedy shows over the years, and I always found him hilarious, but up until recently I had no idea he was a writer. When they catch a guy and he comes off the list, does number eleven automatically car,in up?


He often took on contemporary political issues in the United States and satirized the excesses of American culture. I think George Carlin has some wonderful insights in this brinv. Hilarious, wise, and insightful, this man will never fail to entertain, inform and educate. cbops

When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? Audiobook | George Carlin |

Mildly comic was his riff on how UFO buffs get a bum rap and people that believe in an invisible God Who demands their love get total respect from the media. The whole thing puzzles me. It was choppy, and read like just a transcript of his standup. Doug Stanhope, Chad Shank, full cast Length: Books by George Carlin.

Humorous Quotes from When will Jesus bring the Porkchops? by George [email protected]

I think georbe appreciate that sentiment. A witty and gifted spokesman for American Culture. Carlin is great for placing in ones mind visual truths about everyday living.

Anyway, if y This is pretty much what you expect from Carlin – acerbic, abrasive, disrespectful, challenging language that doesn’t give a good goddamn what anyone else thinks.

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Yesterday, I killed my third priest in a month. All in all, I enjoyed this book because in each and every of its lines I could actually see and hear Carlin speaking. The thing I like about the guy is the consistency.