Freeplane allows you to create concept maps, as a textual resource that can be . The Freeplane tutorial is available within Freeplane itself, which you can. Freeplane Tutorial. Freeplane Tutorial Freeplane Tutorial for my HR Mgmt Class. From: Keith Greene Views: 17 ratings Time: More in Howto & Style. The Wiki Tutorial Freeplane contains concrete examples of application areas. The goal of this. Tutorial is to describe the most used functions of Freeplane in a.

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In case of the root it is possible to drop a node to the left or the right side. On the left and right side are two example maps which at first glance may appear very similar, yet are frweplane different if you start using them. And it is possible to add additional information and format it any way you want, as in the mind map on the right Advanced collection.

In case this is not enough, Freeplane supports using hidden text which the user can roll down or hover over. Mind maps are a fantastic tool for carrying out all kinds of analyses.

Learn Freeplane

To download mindmap file click here. GTD settings and freeplane hot keys audio inexplicably dies in the middle, sorry how to: These external pointers contain the hyperlinks, which again are hidden until you hover with the cursor over the question mark.

Yet the fteeplane book-view with titles and content oriented in a top down direction may be advantageous in situations where you gradually unfold the text and want to easily read back and forward.


In that way you can use filtering to create a view of all elements of the same kind. Developing a script for a film or video is a creative process in which the ordering and content of the image and audio parts are changed continuously. GTD plugin and freeplane: To be visible, the chain needs to be horizontally scrolled.

A concept map helps you to create a textual OER with possibilities for linking to additional resources on your computer as well as on the webadding annotations as well as images. For example, group free 2 is a copy of free 1, but is not the same You are commenting using your Facebook account. Select creditcard of one of the banks, click the unlock menu button and enter password “creditcard”. In this, Freeplane suports using images and arrows with labels to display concepts, which helps to keep oversight and focus.

Actions can also be supported with time signals. Then click the topic help Navigation for learning how to unhide hidden information. You can also export a concept map to image png or jpeg and text odt and html formats. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Of course it’s possible to build a collection item by item too. The student can click the literature links to open the literature and add answers to the questions – in the map itself.

Freeplane Basic Tutorial

New options for creating freeplanr maps with high homogeneity and symmetry [13] Clones [14] Init scripts [15] Background images [16]. This tool has no specific configuration requirements. You can keep adding child nodes to any node. Click on the small triangles, or hover the cursor over the images to see a descriptive text.


Freeplane Screenshot of Freeplane 1. If you are not English: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The map to the right contains model answers to the questions which could be used to check the result. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Note that an explanation of each node is presented below each node titel. Freeplane tutorial 01 Tutoroal From: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To view and navigate the map, click on the link below the image. Did not find what you are looking for?

This standard style can be edited to hide the cloud, to show the edges of children, color and more. Freeplane is a free and open source software application that helps you create and edit concept maps, as a generic resource creation.

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The Tutorial is divided into parts for the BeginnerAdvanced user and Professional user. This feature doesn’t work on Mac yet. Create graphical and textual summaries by “bracketing” nodes.