FM 5-277 PDF

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. *This publication supersedes TM , 3 August FM PREFACE. This manual is intended for use by engineer commanders, staff officers, combat engi- neers, and bridge specialists who. M-2 Bailey Bridge (FM ) [Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Looking for PDF of TM 5-277 M1 (or M2?) Bailey type Bridge

The bridge centerline is first placed and extended 25 feet 7. Risk loads will probably cause permanent deformation of bridge parts gm may result in failure if repeated. They are 5- foot 8-inch 1.

It is connected to the sway brace, M3, for use in the overhead bracing of intermediate bays of triple-story bridges. The junction of the ramp bays 5-27 on a transom supported by four ramp pedestals spaced as shown in Figure It weighs 7 pounds 3.

Fm 5 Bailey Bridge Manual

If not, use this as your final bridge length and go to c. Placement of launching nose links. These lugs are secured to the end panels of the bridge by panel pins placed through holes in the lugs. Every two bays are cross braced by angles welded diagonally across the bottom chords of all trusses.

Placing the far-bank rocking rollers a few inches lower than the plane formed by near-bank rollers allows for near-bank settlement caused by bridge weight.



The side rollers can be removed from of single-truss bridges can be carried on the 5-27 by removing split pins from either half of the roller. Tablep 33 Length ‘ multiply. Plain rollers are normally placed on plain-roller templates which increase the bearing area over the ground. The composition of the launching nose for the various combina tions of spa ns and truss types is given in Tables 7-l and j The tables must be followed exactly e Tighten chord bolts and bracing frame bolts.

Reinforcing 5-727 outer girder One lane of a two-lane bridge can be rein- forced by reinforcing one outer girder. Class of bridge needed.

Space trusses in rm girder 1 foot 6 inches Take the following precautions when com- Note: Bearings can slide 9 inches After the launching nose passes over the far-bank rocking rollers, always make certain mf weight of the bridge is carried only by the near-and the far-bank rocking rollers. Note that in sandy or gravelly soils, but, if so, grillage is determined separately the bearing power of the soil is increased for each bank.

B A I L E Y B R…

Brace approach to ramps, and bridge is complete. More jacks may be placed under a transom only when held by end posts. Are launching-nose links required? During jacking, blocking must be used under the trusses to take the load in case the jacks fail.

If the same, go to step If the bridging is to be unloaded and stacked at the site, the site must be about feet The horizontal members 52-77 the panel are called chords. Overhead-bracing supports, on triplestory bridges only. Therefore, the engineer officer must thoroughly check the condition of the bridge before and after such a crossing.


Attach all bracing frames as for a single-lane bridge. This prevents the panels from overturning.

Position the supports on panels of the inner and second truss over the chord-bolt holes nearest to the female lugs. The composition of the launching nose for the various combinations of spans and truss types is given in Tables and Attach inside tackle below the bottom chord of the bridge to the girder with a sling which passes around the bottom chord of the inner truss of the bridge Figure The base plate weighs The bearing Figure spreads the load of pounds kilograms and is large enough the bridge to the base plate.

The composition of the launching nose for the various combinations of span and bridge assembly is shown in Figure and given in Chapter 6, Tables through ; Chapter 7, Tables; and Chapter 8, Tables As a further aid in night driving and particularly as a guide for very wide vehicles, a 4-inch Table A-4 in Appendix All loads are within the rated capacity of Steel cables are used for tiedowns on all A lists component parts of conversion set No.

The normal roller clearance, about 2 feet 6 inches 0. Approved for public release.