FM 21-150 PDF

This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Combatives. ‘^FM FIELD MANUAL HEADQUARTERS No. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington, DC, 30 September COMBATIVES Contents Page . FM Without balance, the fighter has no stability with which to defend himself, nor does he t FM Combatives () – 1st Tactical Studies Group.

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Power is generated by using the entire body mass in motion behind all punches and strikes. The defender moves his right arm in a down ward circular motion and strikes the attacking arm on the outside of the body FigureStep 1. Leverage is produced by using the shoulder as a fulcrum, by applying force, and by straightening the knees to push upward.

A powerful blow to the front of the throat can cause death by crushing the windpipe. When an opponent grabs a defender’s arm, mf defender rotates his arm to grab the opponent’s forearm FigureStep 1.

The objective is to disable or capture an opponent by thrusting the bayonet blade into a vulnerable part of his body. He must commit himself to hit the opponent continuously with whatever it takes to drive him to the ground or end his resistance.

At the same time, the defender steps to the inside of the attacker off the line of attack and moves into position for the right-hip throw. This builds the soldier’s confidence in the techniques, allows him to develop a clear mental picture of the principles behind the technique, and gives him confidence in his ability to perform the technique during an actual attack.

The defender counters by rotating his body in the direction of his opponent and by striking him in the temple, ear, or face Figure The instructor explains and demonstrates how to step forward with your trailing foot and, at the same time using your left hand as a pivot, swing the rifle in an arc and drive the rifle butt into your opponent. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.


Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Ensure instructors and assistant instructors are well rehearsed and prepared before all training sessions. Position refers to the location of the fighter defender in relation to his opponent. A fighter must be able to perceive the best time to move to an advantageous position in an attack.


There’s a problem loading this menu right now. He lowers his weight on the supporting leg and extends the other leg across the body FigureStep 2.

The best way to hold the knife is either with the straight grip or the reverse grip. Training pads can be requisitioned through supply channels or purchased locally. Three-Foot Rope 5- The training objectives of the bayonet assault course include: He maintains control of the weapon hand or arm and gouges the eyes of the attacker, driving him backward and off balance [ FigureStep 3j.

FM Hand to Hand Combat

Conduct instructor training at least five lours weekly to maintain a high skill level. His movements do not have to be executed in any prescribed order. He can then gouge his thumb or fingers into the jugular notch of the attacker and force him to the ground.

A sharply delivered blow can puncture or collapse a lung. Supervise all practical work closely and constantly. The side of the neck is one of the best targets to use to drop an opponent immediately or to disable him temporarily to finish him later. An upward diagonal attack toward the defender’s lower-right side.

Subconscious programming usually occurs after 25 repetitions of movement. The difference in the modified stance is the knife fk held close to the body with the other hand held close over the knife hand to help conceal it Figure Angles of Attack F may even be other attackers that you have not seen.

This grip conceals the knife from the enemy’s view. Strikes to this point can create dysfunction of the affected arm and hand. He is gm in a position where he can drive his heel into the inside of the opponent’s thigh femoral nerve FigureSteps 1 gm 2. The movement is like that in a skip. The knee can be attacked with the body’s mass behind the defender’s knee or with his entire body by falling on the opponent’s knee, causing it to hyperextend.


Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. A strike to the biceps is most painful and renders the arm ineffective. This tecfmique will not succeed by using upper-body strength only, the opponent will escape. During training, those soldiers with prior martial arts experience can be a great asset; they may be used as demonstrators or as assistant instructors.

It is imperative therefore that the unarmed defender understand and use the following principles to survive: The radial nerve, which controls much of the movement in the hand, passes over the forearm bone just below the elbow.

US Army Combatives FM 21-150

Gradually, return to starting position. When properly executed, elbow strikes Figures through [[ pages through render an opponent ineffective.

The following instructor responsibilities are the core of plarming and executing combative training. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from 2-1150 restaurants. It is imperative that all strikes to vital points and nerve motor points are delivered with this principle in mind. Make sure soldiers keep scabbards on knives and bayonets firmly attached to rifles while learning bayonet disarming methods.

The defender can then take 21-50 his opponent with a follow-up technique to the back of his knee. If he moves too soon, the enemy will 21150 his movement and adjust the attack.

The defense must be oriented for each angle of attack. The fighter grabs the sides of the opponent’s throat by the muscle and sticks his thumbs into the carotids, closing them off Figure By maintaining control of his opponent’s arm, the defender now has the optiori of kicking or stomping him in the neck, face, or ribs Figure Step 4.