Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby and Claude King (and now also Richard Blackaby) seems to be . Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded ( ) by Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, Claude King. For more than 15 years, God has used Experiencing God in His work, Doing the Will of God, Member Book, Updated () by Henry T. Blackaby, .

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May 06, Jeremy Manuel rated it liked it Shelves: Who can’t use a little help with their spiritual walk? Rather they are outsiders, bereft of eternal life, lost. Henry Blackaby skillfully guides you through selected Scriptures and reflection questions to a deeper understanding of Blackany, His word, and your faith in Him.

See 1 question about Experiencing God…. But Blackaby means obey the assignment. My blac,aby concerning this book is to Google “critiquing Experiencing God Henry Blackaby” and read what other apologists have said about the false information contained in Blackaby’s book. Ananias has a vision in which the Lord instructs him to visit Saul 9: This was founded by Soka Gakkai in by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi You will know when God is speaking to you” I have addressed only a few of the serious problems with this work.

Note that none of these involve propositional revelation, which is what we normally mean by the word “speaking. Years before his renowned political career, in a tiny one-room schoolhouse in Indiana, each student in turn regularly read from a single classroom Bible.

Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God—A Critique | Stand to Reason

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Ogd, he was simply introduced as “a man who hears from God. The Imitation of Christ?


If you don’t, you are useless. Jesus tells Paul in a vision to leave Jerusalem However, it will have an impact on you. There are five other examples of supernatural revelations that are predictive in nature, but do not dictate any direction, they give no assignments. The greatest movement of God’s Spirit in the last years was the Reformation.

I’m saying this is what I personally understood from this bible study. In particular to see where God is working, and to be involved in His work. It was not started by a voice from God or by an assignment.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook by Henry T. Blackaby

I did not include the casting of lots in Acts 1: It is neither taught nor is the pattern modeled. He details pros and cons of single life over married life. Note also the three phrases in parallel construction: Experinecing “hearing” is not for believers after salvation, but for non-believers prior to salvation.

Admit angels were visiting and you may get a visit from the local “deliverance” ministry. The concept of divine “assignment” is central to everything Blackaby has written. Blackaby’s understanding of hearing the voice of God is completely foreign to the text of John 8 and For example the very thesis verse is taken out of context and thus flawed.

Not that it isn’t good to have testimonials, but the frequency of such examples, with few examples that don’t involve the book or Blackaby himself, started to rub me the wrong way.

Expriencing you are disobedient, and don’t do what he tells you to, he will use someone else to get the job done and then take everything away from you, never talk to you again, and basically throw you away.

Yes, God gave special directions under certain circumstances, and He still can today. They entail decisions about the how, when, where, why, and who of ministry.

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I will admit that at times I felt like there was story after story about Blackaby at a conference and how someone’s life was changed by something he said. This was a wonderful devotional–the best I’ve ever used. And are mostly about planting churches. Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself; but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.

There is an unavoidable consequence of blending the wording of John 10 with Blackaby’s definition of hearing Jesus’ “voice. This is an excellent book.

It is very intense and hard core. Not the same as Ancient Buddha which they only found artifacts of a Buddha sitting experiencinv style. Could not His will have still been done if the outcome had been reversed? Of course, Blackaby provides a tremendous amount of scriptural support for his position, so that was also very helpful.

You will find nothing but silence. I’ll close with a fundamental question. The exact opposite is the case: Read three times so far! But if you can get past some of that there is good ideas to grasp onto and new ways to look at convening with God.

There is no hint in this passage that a believer experiencng “hear from the Lord” even on the weighty matter of choosing a spouse.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook

Chapter 25 – Reflection Questions. They hear His voice. Why don’t blafkaby Jews “hear” in the sense that Jesus means, that is, respond and believe?