An Arabic-English Lexicon: Derived from the Best and the Most Copious This is the Text Version of Lane, An Arabic English Lexicon converted into text from. آ. ب. ت. ث. ج. ح. خ. د. ذ. ر. ز. س. ش. ص. ض. ط. ظ. ع. غ. ف. ق. ك. ل. م. ن. ه. و. ى. Resize=>. 8 vols · Download Arabic Font. Contents. Lexicon. (click on letters). Titles &. Edward William Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon (Dictionary). Regarded as the best Arabic-English lexicon in the world, and now available FREE. Online in PDF .

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It was published in eight volumes during the second half of the 19th century.

It consists of Arabic words defined and explained in the English language. But Lane does e.e.lane use his own knowledge of Arabic to give definitions to the words. Instead, the definitions are taken from older Arabic dictionaries, primarily medieval Arabic dictionaries.


Lane translates these definitions into English, and he carefully notes which dictionaries are giving which definitions. Lane set to work at once, making his third voyage to Cairo to collect materials in wnglish same year.

Since the Muslim scholars there were reluctant to lend manuscripts to Lane, the acquisition of materials was commissioned to Ibrahim Al-Dasuqi —a graduate of Azhar and a teacher in Boulaq.

The acquisition of materials, which took 13 years, [3] was left in the hands of Al-Dasuqi when Lane returned to England in Back to England, Lane continued to work on oexicon dictionary with zeal, complaining that he was so used to the cursive calligraphy of his Arabic manuscripts that the Western print strained his eyes.

In total, lexicographic sources are cited in the work.

Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane

Lane also read widely in order to provide examples for the engglish. The lexicon was designed to consist of two “Books” or Divisions: A total of 2, pages were proofread by Lane himself. Those later volumes are sketchy and full of gaps. In total, the First Division comprises 3, pages.


Nothing has come out of the planned Second Division. Thus the work has never been completed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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