The Erevis Cale Trilogy [Paul S. Kemp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the mean streets of Sembia Erevis Cale might just seem . From Book 1: Erevis Cale – simple butler or much, much more? The shadows grow long on the mean streets of Selgaunt and the sun sets on one man’s service. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Paul S. Kemp is the author of several previous Forgotten Book 3 of 3 in The Erevis Cale Trilogy (3 Book Series).

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Aug 30, Aaron Guerra rated it it was amazing. Thank you for the response. When we wanted to start another series in the same genre in between Drizzt books we picked up the first couple of the Forgotten Realm: Your killing me Paul I love the Erevis books but bother with the star wars ones.

He is also the Chosen of Mask, which gives him powerful abilities that have not yet been fully explored. I found the resolution of Riven to be well done; an homage to the little guy. After Cale and the group succeed in escaping, can the group locate and stop the Slaadi from tapping Skullport’s magical mantle or do the Slaadi succeed?

Erevis Cale

However, with his partner Azriim, we have a totally different kind of villain. While on the plane, Trulogy and Magadon realize that Riven’s betrayal was planned so the group can get closer to the Sojourner. I have previously reviewed The Erevis Cale Trilogy before this, but I will be taking a whole new look at the books and giving fresh thoughts on them. This may trilofy be the right spot to post this but I wanted to sat thanks and keep up the good work.


All the stuff with calr Sojourner could have been better done, and his parts were dull. You’ll never want to put the book down for too long and all the little details and hints of what’s to come are still there.

The villain in first book is weak also power-wise and not interesting so doesn’t feel like a threat at all but I understand as he’s being used and is not the TRUE villain.

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The Erevis Cale Trilogy

The abilities he has gained from being a Shade only function in areas of shadow or darkness; they include increased strength, the ability to heal rapidly, shadow walking a form of short distance teleporting from shadow to shadowand a regrown hand with superior strength that is only manifested in darkness. When I first read Drizzt, something like this is what I was hoping for.

The action is still there, but it doesn’t feel as strong as the first part. WotC needs to do another printing but so far shows no inclination to do so.

Erevis Cale reading order | Paul S. Kemp, Fictioneer

In my home state they have been a feared and rightfully so as a group for many things such as intimidation via physical violence, intelligence gathering to intimidate others,kidnapping, as well as murder; that of which my uncle is in prison at this time after 7 years of hiding the body. When I finally jumped back in a few months trulogy I caught up on Salvatore always my go-to guyand then continued with The Sundering.

Mags is a great character, I think. Worth the reading, but won’t read again. That’s all I should say. The author really keeps you guessing as to when or if he will betray the group.


I first read this story in the Realms of the Dragons anthology and there I was utterly lost. Not once did I feel a connection between these two and having to be told that Cale loves Tazi just makes it worse.

Read this you must. I have been always known for my rash anger but knew the difference between good and evil and have used that aggressiveness of the Cales to protect others and speak for the good. The ending left some threads untied for Cale and Magadon which I hope I will get to cael onto again when I crack the spines of the Shadow Wars trilogy.

It was an enjoyable series, to be sure, and a lot of fun to read a not-so-good hero. It’s ttilogy different from Spiderman’s “power-responsibility” erevos, in this story to have great power means you have to lose something.

Erevis Cale – Wikipedia

While I do know this one between Cale and a tavern waitress named Varra does get better and the whole first meeting was good, I just didn’t did like how it was handled. By the end Erevis is a very powerful person but doesn’t really just flat out show us just how powerful he is.

Best bet is ebook. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Get to Know Us. The ending was excellent as well.