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From this point on, the firm is unable to import the material produced at its facilities, as it is deemed to be of Turkish origin, having been folded and packaged in the Turkish free zone. The deterioration in significant social and educational indicators is undermining both the present and the future of the population group in question and has a multiplier geman in perpetuating and increasing poverty, social exclusion and even delinquency.

Practised along the Portuguese Atlantic coast, it is characteristic of several coastal communities and forms an important part of their historical and cultural heritage, which it is important to protect and value.

In which Member States have such claims been made? New attack on Italian products: The ministry announced a nine-day public consultation naggiori. If the Commission’s concerns are confirmed, the necessary actions will be taken to sanction and bring these practices to an end; this should also prompt a change of culture in the banking sector. Si tel n’est pas le cas, la Commission l’envisage-t-elle? Teilt die Kommission die Bedenken gegen mutierten Lachs?

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The EU already cannot meet internal demand for sugar from its own resources, and as a result of the closure Ireland is totally reliant on imported sugar. In base all’articolo 24 della Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell’Unione europea ogni bambino ha diritto di intrattenere regolarmente relazioni personali e contatti diretti con entrambi i genitori. In practice many laboratories apply a lower factor, depending on their performance. He discussed the issues his charity faces in tackling this problem.

The Commission provides assistance to the Afghan Government and civil society to hombers violence against women, address the issue of early and forced marriages and provide safe shelter for those in need. Maggioi the recent developments, geramn the Commission still convinced of this assertion?

  DECRETO 4299 DE 2005 PDF

Engre can be divided in 3 categories 21 public authorities, 45 registered organisations, 64 non-registered organisations ; 5 submissions had requested confidential treatment and were consequently not published. The Commission believes that more action is needed to ensure consistency of support schemes across Member States in order to remove distortions and develop renewable energy resources in a cost effective way, thus making the support schemes less vulnerable germaan policy changes.

Can the Commission specify whether a Member State can introduce unilateral restrictions on the labour market and what recourse does it have in mind to prevent such measures? For example, parents with at least 3 dependent children under the age of 25 can request a discount card for themselves and for their children aged under The rate was Son Reus incineration plant on the island of Majorca Spain.

Landbouworganisaties klagen echter dat de aanvallen op boerderijen niet ernstig genoeg worden genomen door de politiediensten en de regering. Can the Commission provide details of the proposed calendar for the technical and political rounds of negotiations between the parties scheduled for ? Besides the Parliament, the Commission will also discuss the outcome of the Court referral with other signatories of ACTA to consider further steps.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Role of public television and radio services in the EU. The condom, in fact, provides dual protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Conferenza mondiale per la revisione delle regole internazionali sulle telecomunicazioni ITR.

She also underlined that respecting the democratic will of the Paraguayan people was paramount. A twin-track approach is being implemented for developing collaborative projects e.

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Moreover, the new EU Programme for Social Change and Innovation will extend the support given to microcredit providers under the current Progress Microfinance Facility, including funding for capacity-building of microfinance institutions and investments for developing and expanding social enterprises.

Il regolamento CE n. Ticket prices for the unemployed on public transport in Greece. A partir de este momento, dicha empresa no puede importar el material producido en sus instalaciones, por considerarse de origen turco al ser plisado y envasado en la Zona Franca Turca. Hierdoor bestaat er in de interne markt een ongelijk speelveld voor de bedrijven die in deze sector werkzaam zijn.


I bracconieri, che provengono da diverse regioni italiane, prelevano i nidi prevalentemente dagli alberi dei boschi o dalle piante delle coltivazioni di melo, compiendo un saccheggio sistematico e organizzato dopo viaggi di centinaia di chilometri. Dopo il caso choc dello scorso giugno, quando la signora Feng Jianmei fu stata trascinata con violenza dai funzionari del Family Planning in un veicolo per essere trasportata in ospedale e subire l’aborto forzato di suo figlio al settimo mese di gravidanza, casi come questo ne sono avvenuti ancora molti, nonostante le denunce di attivisti di varie associazioni a difesa dei diritti umani.

Although government officials claim that in each case organs are removed with the consent of the condemned person, many doubt whether an individual in such a hugely stressful situation is capable of thinking rationally and, above all, of taking such a decision; what is more, Chinese cultural traditions mean that people are reluctant to donate organs after death.

Alongside other sectors, European automotive companies are in the forefront of efforts to develop new energy sources to power vehicles. Non ritiene la Commissione che il semplice vantaggio di alcuni Stati membri non sia una motivazione sufficiente per perseverare in una politica di rigore dimostratasi sinora fallimentare?

One such drug, despite having been shown to be capable of killing regular users within the space of a year, is being used in place of heroin, supplies of which are being diverted to markets outside Europe. In a recent visit to the site, we found that no work had begun to remove the hazardous waste. CO 2 tax damaging to trade and to European aviation follow-up question. Criteria for including utility model rights in list of intellectual property rights.