He described the Ginkgo in his work “Amoenitatum Exoticarum” (Lemgo, ). It is assumed that Kaempfer saw a Ginkgo tree for the first time in his life in Nagasaki in February Later Kaempfer brought Ginkgo-seeds to Holland. KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT, German physician and traveler to Russia, the Orient, and the Far East (b. Lemgo, Westphalia, 16 September ;. English: Engelbert Kaempfer (September 16, – November 2, ), a German naturalist and physician is known for his tour of Russia.

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Engelbert Kaempfer

European Travelers on the Iranian Monuments: September envelbert, Last Updated: His manuscripts and collected objects was bought by Sir Hans Sloane, a collector and author. Here Kaempfer left the caravan to investigate the Achaemenid and Sasanian ruins. He returned to Lemgo in On various occasions he left the Swedish group to visit special sites, such as Mount Barmach and, nearby, the oil sources of the Apsheron peninsula near Baku. Peter Hogg, London, [enlarged and revised tr.

His desire for foreign travel led him to become secretary to the second embassy of the Swedish ambassador Ludvig Fabritiuswhom Charles XI sent through Russia to Persia in Most of his manuscripts and many objects from his collection are preserved in the British Library and the British Museum.

Engelbegt died on November 2, Conversely, reports of some of the Dutch representatives constitute the chief source of knowledge in the West about Japan during its two peaceful centuries of isolation. Since Scheuchzer was not a native English speaker, he often had to ask for advice.

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A Biographytr. He then joined the Dutch East Indian Company and went via India to Batavia in Indonesia where he studied all available sources on Japan, which was then basically closed to the outside world.

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He then went to Sweden Dictionary of Scientific Biographyv. As early asthe Philosophical Transactions No. He was one of the keenest observers of foreign cultures of his time.

During his youth he was witnessing witch hunts which left a deep impression engelbery human behavior. Pages in category “Engelbert Kaempfer” This category contains only the following page.

Kaempfer also collected materials and information on Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. Idem, Engelbert Kaempfer During the remaining four years of his life he was not able to find a publisher for his manuscripts. Kaempfer’s original manuscripts are held by the British Library. Views Read Edit View history. Library tours Online booking. English title page of Volume I Source: Kaempfer settled in his native engelbrrt of Lemgo, where he became the physician of the Count of Lippe.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies Wikisource. He interviewed inhabitants, travelers, or soldiers, asking for information about local features.

Though Kaempfer did not, as his predecessors had done, unveil the mystery of the sexuality of the date palm tree, his observations are in many areas the basis of modern botanical research. First editions of the new work edition were published in the same year. Introduction Engelbert Kaempfer was born In Germany into a family of a vicar.

Frontispiece and Title Page.

He reached new heights in describing foreign cultures. With the publication of Kaempfer’s influential and popular book in the Western world understood, for the first time, the connection between soybeans and soyfoods Kaemlfera. Photographs not to be reproduced without written authorization. Flora Japonicarepr.

Views View Edit History. Kaempfer returned to Holland by way of Java, entered the University of Leiden and received his doctorate in medicine. Engelbert Kaempfer natus in Lemgo die 16 Septembris – mortuus est in Lieme die 2 Novembris fuit medicus et explorator Germanicusqui multa de itineribus eius in Persiam et Iaponiam scripsit.

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His treatise on kaempfeg cure of colic Japanese senki using needles and kawmpfer presentation of a Japanese “Moxa-mirror” had a considerable influence on the reception of Far Eastern medicine in 18th-century Europe. He did not return to Sweden with the embassy, but joined a fleet of the Dutch East India Company stationed in the Persian Gulf as a physician. Acquiring a very liberal education and preparing himself for the profession of Negelbert physicianKaempfer quickly showed himself to be naturally brilliant and inquisitive, with a remarkable capacity for learning foreign languages.

He brought some Ginkgo seeds back that were planted in the botanical garden in Utrecht.

Amoenitatum exoticarumpublished inis important for its medical observations and the first extensive description of Japanese plants Flora Japonica. In particular comments on the behavior of the heathens and that some of their doings were quite reasonable mainly concerning religious and legal questions. British Library Manuscripts Catalogue. The embassy waited for over a year to be recognized at the Persian court. He was about 24 years of age, well vers’d in the Chinese and Japanese languages, and very desirous of improving himself.

He was kaempver best guide Kaempfer could have met, and he gave him precious advice; he even wrote for him a short text, De Persia Sloane Mss.