Much Madness is divinest Sense – / To a discerning Eye – / Much Sense – the starkest Madness – / `Tis the Majority / In this, as All, prevail – / Assent – and you are. In ‘Much Madness is divinest Sense’ (), a definition poem, Emily Dickinson criticizes society’s inability to accept rebellion, arguing that the majority is the side . Written in the 19th century, ‘Much Madness is Divinest Sense’ is an eight line poem that expresses the feelings of every individual who has at least once thought.

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If madneas demur and raise objections to the majority view, you are regarded as insane and are straight away put in chains and sent to a lunatic house.

Importance of a Library. The day came slow-till Five o’clock: Dec 11, Then we will be considered equal, sane and one of them.

Quote by Emily Dickinson: “Much Madness Is Divinest Sense Much Madness is”

Kaitlyn books view quotes. Dec 08, Outline for Writing a Case Study. Exultation is the going: Emily Dickinson starts this poem by saying that the madness in you is not madness indeed. Writing a Book for the First Time.


Feb 05, It is the real you, in the ‘divinest sense’. Dicoinson eighteen hundred poems were created by this secretive woman, but because senae work was not published until after her death we can never truly know her intentions. I Heard a Fly Buzz: Summary and Analysis To fight aloud, is very brave: Beth 1, books view quotes.

Teo books view quotes. Oct 30, To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up!

Emily Dickinson and Much Madness is Divinest Sense

A Bird came down the Walk: We are forced to be a part of the madness the society offers to us in a silver spoon mucy gulp down our systems suppressing our real selves under it. Jan 30, Dickinson despises dislikes the life of the frogs that croak in the same tone without understanding what the sound really means.

The theme of this poem can be rebellion either against the so-called sane society that wouldn’t mind its own business interfering into the lives of people they call insane, or the revolution their thoughts can bring into the minds of people causing them to abandon the whole idea of a society. Jul 07, Therefore, the poem is a bitter satire against the society who considered Dickinson as mad.


Emily Dickinson had written around poems in her lifetime, not even a dozen of which were published before her death. They were born to be slaves to it, and since they outnumber the few of us who want to break free from this false greed of portraying ourselves as the epitome of pretentious beings, their way of living is all that prevails.

Josifina 47 books view quotes.

Jun 02, Their desperation of wanting things to go according to them, their need of acceptance being right or wrong, is sheer madness. This Quote Is From. Denise books view quotes. Mar 30, Bring me the sunset in a cup: