Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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Afterward, I was asked to be the preacher for this emerging congregation.

That adds silvoeo to injections a month! As soon as 42 new converts are admitted to the church, a cell block is made available for them to move in. These books provide significant biographical information that helps to trace its origins as siovoso as the personal journey he took that resulted in becoming one of its principal figures. We saw some results but nothing spectacular. I believed that mass evangelism was the best tool to reach the world for Christ. God Encounters Religious Organization.

Issue 30, January—March At 17, I was the evangelist. During my second year in this job, I married Ruth. If Jesus was indeed the only way, why was it that no one else wanted to find Him?

Ed Silvoso has written extensively on spiritual transformation in volumes that contain the principles and paradigms generally adopted in the movement. It slowly drained out all of my blood and eegardo of everything except the red and white cells, which were in turn pumped back in along with human albumin to make up for the volume of lost fluid. Rather than individual baptisms in separate local churches, they chose to have a mass edgadro. I came to realize that God was teaching me basic principles related silvkso suffering, spiritual warfare and intercession.

Topics and Contents Renewal Journal said: Satan was in control indeed.


January 6, at 6: We resigned from the Palau Team in order to concentrate whatever time I had left, on our quest to find a way to reach cities for Christ.

As soon as I parked the car at the training center, the Holy Spirit took over and led me through hours of prayer in a Romans chapter edgardl fashion—He prayed for me and through me. The term “marketplace” includes business, education, and government and applies to marriage, [25] politics, [26] culture, [27] and workplace. At first it appeared that Satan had won: Lance Wallnau was live.

One of those crusades took us to a small town nearby, where edgardi local brethren invited us to egardo an open-air campaign. We made sure that everyone heard the gospel.

Ed Silvoso

I had to be hooked up to the plasmapheresis machine to survive. Ed Silvoso began as a lay evangelist and national youth leader in Argentina —and over the past thirty years he has become a principal figure in the transformation movement. Nearly 1, inmates have received Christ.

A local pastor reported that as he tried to get inside the prison, halfway through that tunnel he would become ill and had to be carried out. Growing Ministry InDr.

School of Transformation

Also, medical doctors, journalists, one senator, aldermen, politicians and lawyers responded. Transform Our World Nonprofit Organization.

Also, our team pioneered the use of secular radio and television to saturate entire cities with the gospel. Second, the city had an unusually low percentage of believers 1.

David Yonggi Cho asked us to organize his visit to Argentina. We challenged the pastors and leaders of the surrounding areas to reach each one of the unchurched towns with the gospel.

Ed Silvoso December 22 at Silvoso is internationally acknowledged slivoso a foremost leader of the Argentine Revival. Finally, on Wednesday at midnight I was heading for the training center after dropping Harvey off at his hotel.


The persecution gave the Christian inmates legal grounds to request protection in the form of their own cell block — each cell block houses 42 inmates. I thought, Maybe we will find the way to reach an entire city for Christ.

Prison Revival in Argentina, by Edgardo Silvoso | Renewal Journal

Ruth and I enjoyed setting up crusades for Luis, producing TV and radio programs, and arranging presidential prayer breakfasts. But other churches were ready to scrap tradition and make radical changes in order to cope with the avalanche of new converts. Until a few years ago, the prison was in total chaos.

But the pastor repented and cried out to God for a second chance. Over a period of four years, I was able to discontinue the injections, the chemotherapy, the cortisone, the oral medication and the plasmapheresis.


What Set the Argentina Revival Apart? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: At one point, we found ourselves inside the Provincial Court of Appeals with seven appellate judges, five of whom confessed Christ as their personal Savior. The first order of business was a 40 day fast. During an International Institute which Harvest Evangelism holds in Argentina every fall, we Army of Intercessors organized a trip to the prison to meet with the inmates. Follow us on Facebook.