The EasyOne Spirometer is the Number One portable spirometer used in Australian Hospitals. The EasyOne Spirometer utilises digital ultrasonic flow. EasyOne™ Test Modes and Parameters. FVC test: FVC competitors: (turbine, Fleisch, pneumotach, heated wire). EasyOne. The new standard in spirometry. EasyOne® Air is a flexible, accurate and proven spirometry solution designed for healthcare providers large and small. Utilizing TrueFlow™ technology, this.

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The on-board memory for the EasyOne Air spirometer can store approximately 10, tests. Use this form to get in touch with our sales team! Stop worrying wpirometer calibration or accuracy of flow measurements.

Detailed information on how this data is used can be found in our Privacy Policy. All EasyOne products are designed to require no calibration and only minimal maintenance. Protect your patient information. Infection Control Avoid cross-contamination and reduce cleaning to an absolute minimum with the single-patient-use FlowTube.

Data from the spirometer is synchronized with the PC database, allowing you to print to any printer connected to that PC or network. All our products can be purchased through our authorized distribution partners. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader you can go here to download.

Calibration-free with proven lifetime stability Contact and resistance-free measurement Outstanding accuracy and robustness Patented technology To review case studies and additional information about our proven technology, please click here.


The device is designed to remain in calibration throughout its lifetime. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and USB modules making connections to printers, a central database and EMR systems extremely easy and stable. BTPS Correction is used to convert flow and volume measured at ambient conditions to the conditions within the lungs. Spirometers Complete pulmonary function devices Software Solution. This means that no cleaning is required between patients, and no calibration, ever.

Jensen and Peter G. For example, the ATS recommends daily calibration checks on all spirometry equipment, regardless of manufacturer. Customize available standard provocation protocols for your needs or create your own.

We would be happy to work with you to configure an interface for your particular EMR system. I’m interested in receiving promotional emails from ndd. Simply toss the Flow Tube after each test session.

EasyOne® Product Line

You can easily install the customized provocation protocol on your ndd devices. Looking for more information?

The EasyOne Air spirometer uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Rationale and Design A. Applications of the EasyOne Spirometer in Australia include: Contact the ndd team. Contact the ndd team.

I would like to receive email notifications for free software upgrades. Easy on-PC with Software.


Here are a few of the features and benefits of using EasyOne Connect: What are the options and benefits spirometre connecting the device to my PC? How many tests can be saved in the device’s memory? Our spirometry and PFT devices are the most consistent and user-friendly lung function testing equipment made today.

While a new battery is likely to work for several years, ndd recommends that the battery be replaced every 1—2 years to ensure trouble-free performance.

Where can I purchase the EasyOne Air spirometer? What is BTPS and how is it used? EasyOne Air offers the unique option to print out test results directly without the need of a PC.

MooreMedical is now McKesson

Build your own provocation protocols Modify existing provocation protocols Export and load protocols onto other devices Pre-installed protocols: I would like to receive email notifications for free wpirometer upgrades. It can be used easily in the field and where there is no electric power available – it operates on batteries and requires no calibration with a 3-liter syringe.

Enter your question or comment here Click s;irometer for more information. What consumables are required for the EasyOne Air spirometer?