Preferred Scientific Name; Dociostaurus maroccanus. Preferred Common Name; Moroccan locust. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota. Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg ). Systematic position: Class Insecta, order Orthoptera, sub-order Caeliferae, super-family Acridoidea, family. PDF | The Moroccan locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg), was traditionally considered as one of the most dangerous agricultural pests in the.

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These plants complete their development by early summer. The eggs are laid in pods with about thirty eggs each.

Chemical Control Chemical control is most effective against the young larvae nymphs. The young larvae only eat the leaves of their host plants. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Garcia, ; Chorbadjieff, These alterations in population dynamics may be due to a change in climatic conditions with a decrease in spring rainfall. Increase in locust numbers usually occurs when temperatures exceed average and rainfall marlccanus below normal; in the distribution area of the Moroccan Locust, spring rainfall from March sociostaurus May is about mm.

Locusts of Kazakhstan, Central Asia and adjacent territories. Entomological Society of America members Sign in via society site.

Moroccan Locust Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg Systematic position: Only well-timed pest control prevents heavy financial losses of neighbouring tobacco fields NSPP, ; Andreev, The nymphs that died 24 hours after the treatment were used to produce new infective juveniles that maintained the infectivity against fourth-instar D.

The Moroccan Locust is not found north to 49N. Harmful grasshoppers on Stavropol hills. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. GIS solves locust control?


European locusts and their ecology: Dociostaurus maroccanus

The Moroccan locust was traditionally considered as one of the most dangerous agricultural pests in the Mediterranean zone. Please check for further notifications by email. Females lay less often 4 egg pods containing an average of 30 eggs min. Local farmers and shepherds monitored the mountainside pastures where the eggs were laid approximately 2 cm below the surface, until they hatch. Chorbadjieff, ; Stegolev and, Dociostaurus maroccanuscommonly known as the Moroccan locustis a grasshopper docjostaurus the insect family Acrididae.

In all cases the vegetation consisted of annual grasses or shrub steppe communities with annual grasses and dwarf shrubs. Some related references Bei-Bienko, G.

However, our work is nowhere near complete. In Spain, Klass et al.

Entomopathogenic microorganisms of locusts in Uzbekistan. In Western Europe, the locust problem is a result of European Union EU set-aside policies, turning cultivated land to uncultivated pasture, which has created greater opportunities for locust populations to breed Harris, Spring rainfalls under this amount for the second or third consecutive year usually lead to population increase.

Growth Stages Top of page Vegetative growing stage. The technology has been licensed to commercial companies, and the royalties and license fees generated from the sale of the product by the licensees will be accumulated in a Trust Fund for disbursement within Africa.

Regularities in distribution of orthopterous insects of Northern Asia. However, outbreaks of the Moroccan locust seem to have been more frequent in the past and, in many regions, the species has become rare. Title Third-instar nymph Caption Third-instar nymph of D. Biocontrol Science and Technology, 11 3: Soil distribution of egg pods of Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunb.

Previously it had only been possible to use mycoinsecticides in humid environments such as glasshouses against aphid pests. Garcia de la Vega C, In the last century in Bulgaria, the Moroccan locust was recorded at a high density periodically, but larger outbreaks occurred at year intervals: Human activities have important unsuitable and favourable impacts on its habitats: Distribution of oothecae of Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunb.


More extensive cellular disintegration was observed after longer incubation times Quesada-Moraga and Santiago-Alvarez, c. This article is dodiostaurus available for rental through DeepDyve. Go to distribution map Temperature related effects on embryonic development of the Mediterranean locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus. Hind femora can have or not black bands, depending on the phase.

News from IUCN

All green mass of the host plants can be destroyed when the population density of the pest is high. The mortality data, 24 hours after treatment, was directly related to maroccanys infective juvenile IJ dosage and gave an LC50 of IJ per nymph. The determination of the gregarigenic regions of the Moroccan cricket, Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunbg.

This method, known as mechanical control, only works if it is carried out every year and if communities can be mobilized on a large scale FAO, a. Savremena Poljoprivreda, 18 The army and local citizens exterminated the pest by hand. Journal of Orthoptera Research, 8: Miracles and secrets in the world of insects. FAO combats major locust outbreak in Afghanistan. Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas, 12 2: