DSM · DSM £ INFANTRY ELEMENT STANDS (assortment of 2, 3 and 4-figure stands, enough for one full platoon pack plus extras). Brief Description, Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Rules. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post.

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The Questron Federation dirfside not totally angelic, and have been known to supply weapons to freedom fighters on worlds in the Ginpeel Empire. The Questron Federation player also has the option of calling in VTOL air-support, upon calling it in, it will take D6 turns to arrive.

One objective marker had to be placed in our rear areas the third of the table closest to our base edgewhile the remainder had to be placed in the centre third of the table the main battle area. This game has a great system. The SPGs shot a couple of times and missed very early in the game, then they spent the battle driving dirtsode and finally parked on an objective.

The Ooh Shiny Complex: Albion attacks Bwendi Again – Dirtside 2

It’s a great little system, but in my opinion the chit drawing is a bit outdated. I know this because I remember buying it in the comics shop in Bedford when I worked for the archaeology unit there and those were the dates of my sojourn in Bedfordshire. Includes a list of available products. Commander Kaftan Harko is in charge of two riverine gunboats and are on a routine patrol of the Llephac Delta. Meanwhile, in the centre of the battlefield, Steve advanced his infantry forward and I did the same.

The rules worked smoothly and the only thing that spoiled the game was Steve’s abysmal luck. With acknowledgements to Felix.

Felix’s Gaming Pages

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. For this scenario you can of course use any models you have in your collection, or even make card counters, but included are some possible models you could buy and use in this scenario. Steve began the game by advancing a unit of tanks down his left flank.


On two of the continents there is heavy urbanisation and a large industrial base, and subsequent pollution. Ginpeel is a one state planetary system. Drake’s gritty, action-filled portrayals of future ground combat are essential reading for SF miniatures gamers Dirtside II House Rules Seems like you can’t play wargames without coming up with house rules. Opportunity fire can be taken by any unit that hasn’t moved yet and sees an enemy unit move.

On the ground there are a few fixed mount heavy weapons so that if an enemy does come into their respective fire arcs they do stand a good chance of getting a shot off. We chose to fight a standard point encounter battle, with each of us setting out 3 objective markers. However with misinformation, misleading advertisements and on some planets force of arms, the favoured candidate always seems to get “voted” in.

Units get two sections to their phase, movement and combat action. Starships from their huge fleets do clash in small conflicts on the odd occassion. She can then combine these Line Infantry elements into squads. I’m sure he will do better next time. The Cixerona rebels have a much wider choice in the placement of their forces and may place their forces anywhere in the playing area.

That is a shame because we had a cracking good game and the rules worked really well.

However they continue to rebel, sometimes with the questionable tactic of violence. The arrows show the approximate movements of the units throughout the game. Jay Arnold 1 August at It also keeps both players involved all the time, as does the alternate activation mechanism, where each player alternates activating one unit at a time. The Questron Federation is allegedly democratic, with a President voted in by all the peoples of the Federation. The markers were all drawn randomly from the pool of objective markers so we did not know what points values each of us had drawn.

Combat is bloody and quick. I suspect that is more a function of the genre of armored combat than it is of Dirtside IIthough.


The Questronnian invasion happened just under three earth years ago, however the Questronnians referred to it as a liberation from Ginpeel influence. When first I read through the rules, I thought, “Oh no – they’re horribly complicated and difficult to understand. All in all, a great game at a good price.

The organisation she leads is quite a large rebel unit and have attacked many Questronnian targets, both military and civilian. They have received a tactical intelligence report from their High Command and they are on their way to “sweep and clear” a possible rebel hideout. The planet Cixerona is a small planet, the third of five in the Eno star system. The Questron Federation forces must start in their start zone as shown on the map.

The c3 and combat systems are quite elegant. The placing of these forces is essential to the defence of the rebel base. These conflicts are normally between starships of Cruiser and Frigate size, though starships of Battleship size have often clashed.

The Questronnian riverine gunboat, ‘Hark VII’, powered through the muddy waters, creating a frothy wake. I found out afterwards that Steve had drawn two 2s diftside a 3! I like that, because you can included everything the player needs to know on the card as you say.

I did move my infantry up to the woods with the objective in later, and managed to hold it. For three earth years, the Questronnians have been attempting to quell the Cixerona djrtside into submission and acceptance into the Questron Federation and “protect” them from Ginpeel influence. There is no perfect vehicle. However though, the weaponry that is available and employed is far from backward. Considering the tech level of the planet as a whole, the Llepphac Delta is backward and the people are mainly employed in argiculture.