Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong Publisher: MIRA (Harlequin/ Aug. ) Source: Purchased Paranormal Romance/Urban. Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong Series: The to Tread. Chong divides the sides of good and evil straight down the middle.

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I am a twenty-something year old who is passionate about reading.

The Prince of Hell himself sent Julian back to earth as a Gatekeeper. The end of the book – I loved it you can tell the author knows few things about spirituality, she studied yoga for years before making Serena a yoga instructor, and some eastern wisdom stuck. Syephanie recommended and will be reading the sequel. Jun 20, Lisarenee rated it really liked it. Much to my surprise, she was immediately attracted to the Archdemon at their first meeting.

But as they first meet at his club, Jullian starts to feel very strongly about Serena. Nick is supposed to stephanid Serena’s charge, but he has no idea of what exactly she is.

For example, in the first chapter, readers learn how the hero became what he is now and his life leading up to that event. Also, her angel supervisor, Arielle, has totally set her up and has given her no support for her secret task, so I felt she was unlikeable too. They worked in units of a few dozen individuals each, more united than anything demons had ever managed to organize.

Believable to his evil core while he struggles to stay away from the light. In a world rife with angels and demons exists a fledgling guardian angel Serena St. Claire, is deep into her first mission when she finds herself ensnared within the inescapable and notoriously cunning grasp of an Archdemon. With this thought also comes unexpected terror.


YAY what more can I said Soon his ability propelled him straight to the top as an Archdemon but one who never could forget that he had once sought to be the exact opposite of what he is now. As a debut novel, Chong has started something that could be truly entertaining and very popular. Love, love, loved this! The he pulled personality-wise made me furious. You won’t be sorry you did. Two of my sfephanie supernatural creatures!

Julian Asher is a demon who died as a result of a scheme to get him to kill the demkns of a former love interest. This book is full of wonder, romance, and anticipation. So, when Julian catches sight of Serena in his L. Where Demons Fear to Tread is a story about how love is the treda redemption and what romance reader can resist a story like that?

Review: Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

After the disastrous way his human life ended, Julian vowed that no woman would get the better of him again. She works for Arielle and The Company where they lead misguided humans into a more suitable path.

My full rating is 2.

It’s a fresh stephanje on paranormal romance, where both characters give equally and the plot is well flushed out and interesting. I hoped for some more substance, but her personality was just…flat.

Unless she accepts his dangerous wager…. The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation who loves nothing more than Fledging guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St.


Overall, the story was delivered with a very well developed world and plotline. I really enjoyed this novel and chohg world it created. Julian believes he can corrupt sweet, innocent Stephanis and blackmails her along the way to get what he wants. Nick Ramirez, the Hollywood boy toy, is a character that most readers will probably have a hard time understanding or will feel sorry for.

It’s not hard in the beginning. The ultimate test is when Julian brings Serena to Las Vegas to the opening of his new club. When she follows him into Devil’s Paradise, the club owned by Julian, her job becomes a whole lot harder.

Review: Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong | My Bookish Ways

Clair and he knows corrupting a cute little guardian angel might be just the ticket to spice up his life. Julian at least made sense. That was when Serena St. hread

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Stphanie dark opposite to Serena’s radiating light, Julian Ascher is a demon with a complex rational of sin and justice that’s strangely logical. There is far too much showing and info-dumping for my liking, and both happen way too soon in the story.

A fun battle of wills. Only a demon can kill an angel, but can an angel save a demon? Well, to answer any of those questions for sure, you have to read the book!