Her first novel, Prep, which took her three years to write, was published in and concerns a girl, Lee Fiora, from South Bend, Indiana. Prep A Novel Written by Curtis Sittenfeld Prep Category: Fiction – Literary; Fiction – Coming Of Age; Fiction – Sagas Imprint: Random House Trade Paperbacks. PREP By Curtis Sittenfeld. pp. Random House. $ Seemingly bathed in a golden light of good fortune, the wealthy keep pieds-à- terre.

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Curtis Sittenfeld – Wikipedia

Maybe I was also cringing at some of the memories this reading has kindled: I cutis grown up on a steady diet of boarding school literature, but conceptually, it seemed so preposterous. She set out to make Prep a commentary on something bigger and achieved it with flying colors.

And this outsider believed herself to be “a petty, angry, impotent person. That is the life of most american teenage girls which is why the book is so brilliant.

The happiest days of your life? Come off it

Xittenfeld wish I could explain it to my parents. View all 38 comments. Also there is too much Omphaloskepsis this is a cool word i just learned and need to remember Who can stand being in this irritating girl’s brain? Barely concealing that to fit in the bording she created for this book you had to be white.

In that regard, Curtis Sittenfeld is an excellent writer perhaps it’s a last name thing but Prep sucks. Despite the American specifics, everyone will wince with recognition at the horror of being a teenager. Jun 02, Dorothy rated it did not like it. In reality it’s “sad, self absorbed, pathetic, dark”. Emotions are high, moods switch instantly, and that was reflected in the writing and the plot.


But when her behavior takes a self-destructive and highly public turn, her carefully crafted identity within the community is shattered. Someone will tell Lee they like her sweater. Because I came away with feeling the book was awkward, yet I liked it, but yet I did not.

Typically, this prep school is in Connecticut, or Massachusetts. Now, 13 years after that green-ribbon-cover first hit shelves, Sittenfeld is a prominent author. Our protagonist Lee Fiora decides to apply to an East Coast boarding school in a fit of precociousness and derring-do at the age of View crtis 4 comments. Lee acts as an opposite-gender Holden Caulfield, the main male character in J.

She attended Seven Hills School through the eighth grade, then attended high school at Groton Schoola boarding school in Groton, Massachusettsgraduating in So, of course, she is almost instantly sent away. I don’t even like this sweater. Definantly not one of my favorites, and i don’t highly recommend it. Inthe summer before her senior year, she won Seventeen magazine’s fiction contest. Dec 06, Meagan rated it did not like it. In addition to that, all of the characters are one dimensional, never sittenveld and totally stereotypical, especially the ethnic characters.

PREP is bound to become a classic, for its brutally honest interpretation of a time that plagues all of us: Will Lee pull up her math grade enough to graduate? Instead of the two sittenreld banding together Conchita is switched curtiz for Martha, a boring girl whose notable trait is not getting upset. Reviews of Prep were mixed, with views ranging from highly laudatory to those who said that it was a well-written but weakly plotted story that was buoyed by strong detail and narration.

Typically, the girl starts out struggling, tries to fit in with the popular crowd, misses her hometown, faces prdp moral problems, and meets a handsome, promising young prep school boy who shows her the ways of love. I also didn’t like how she separated races so much.


As the author was a Cincinnati girl curyis attended a boarding school in Massachusetts, I suspect at least some of this is autobiographical. The main character isn’t my favorite person, but the reader is still compelled to understand her.

View all 6 comments. I struggled for a few days on what to write in a review ptep this book. Her characters say things that teens would say – NOT the clever things they might have thought of twenty minutes after the fact.

Her mortifying quasi-romance with a popular boy named Cross who never acknowledges in her public is the most extreme example of this. Instead the book is horribly lopsided, Sittenfeld spends three hundred pages having sittenfels protagonist shuffle around feeling awkward and passing judgment on everything she sees followed by a hundred pages of high school events where Lee learns nothing.

And, as a first novel, it’s got a lot going for it. I don’t mind episodic novels in which each chapter is a tiny event that comes together cjrtis a whole Peter Darbyshire’s Please is an excellent example of thisbut nothing comes together with Prep.

Orange Prize Nominee for Fiction Longlist The book is about Lee, not the school. Preview — Prep curtiz Curtis Sittenfeld.