Jun 4, As a young student in Delhi, Basharat Peer used to feel a sense of shame each time he walked into a bookshop. There were books written by. Curfewed Night has ratings and reviews. Supratim said: This book tells the story of Kashmir as seen through the eyes of the author, Basharat Pe. 4 quotes from Curfewed Night: ‘Newspapers routinely refer to the missing men as ‘disappeared persons’, and their waiting wives are the ‘half-widows’.’.

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My father’s family was a part of the Kashmiri diaspora. Do they really want freedom from India and if so are they willing to write their history in blood? Story of Shameema and her son Shafi who was killed by handing a mine and forced to walk in militants house? Discover Bawharat Book Box for Kids.

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Brilliant study of Kashmir conflict studied together. More so, if it goes on for years after years. Young children, grown up man, or elderly people; students, workers, or any people in any kind of profession, could be killed because of not only participating in fighting, but also just simply because of living in the bombing zones.

Instead of focusing on the politico-historical aspects of the conflict,the author keeps things personal through his own memories and interactions with various actors in the scene bg failed militants,disrupted marriages,lost sons,raped brides,dilapidated shrines. They have to undergo humiliating military checks every now and then. They raised the ladder like a seesaw and pushed your head into the ditch.

Curfewed Night: a Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir: review

I treated the book as eper book of poetic beauty, much like Kashmir, and thus enjoyed it. The Kashmir story told by a Kashmiri. Write a customer review.


They did it with most boys. Then eventually with the progress of his life story, the author diligently changes the once mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir into something dark filled with army bunkers, streets filled with army patrolling cars, armed personnel guarding a hidden corner of a building and some army soldiers are constantly checking and frisking the common Kashmiri folks thereby disrupting the normalcy in their daily lives.

The book is just not only the facts but also shows his writing skills with serious observations and good mix of satire and sense of humour. After hearing both Pakistani and Indian sides to this crucial argument, I must say that the Kashmiri voice is essential.

Although all those while, his thoughts and mind remained occupied with his hometown and the violence happening over there. Peer longs for a brighter future while hoping that someday the war they were fighting. In a masterful marriage of memoir and reportage, Peer narrates the tale of his homeland and its people.

A Memoir of War in Kashmir Paperback.

Curfewed Night | Book by Basharat Peer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Some of the victims of torture by the security forces also admitted that all soldiers were not bad — there were decent men too. The author admits that he was fascinated by the militants and would have joined but for his father curfewwed maternal grandfather.

Books by Basharat Peer. The final chapters of the book detail horror stories by the Indian army and some by the Pakistani sponsored militants on the hapless civilian population. He finished college and became a journalist in Delhi.

Everyone should read it. The narration and writing basharqt is brilliant. Kashmir, a princely state, was unfortunately straddling between the most politically sensitive states to-be-countries.


That was even more powerfully moving than writer trying to be emotional over things that are not. Another sinister development is the increasing prominence in the conflict of Pakistani-funded radical groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, which carry out suicide attacks in Kashmir, India and even in Pakistan itself against Sufi and Shia mosques.

Far more Indians will be willing to accept that maybe India did make well-intentioned mistakes here and there, but find me a Kashmiri who will accept the same for Kashmir and Kashmiris. There were books written by people from almost every conflict zone of the age, but where were the stories of his own homeland of Kashmir? Curfewed Night succeeds as a personal and an ‘on the scene’ account of life in Kashmir during the crisis, and in its hopeful aftermath following the peace resolution between India and Pakistan in The author’s writing is expressive and is extremely personal thus the readers are bound to feel a connection towards the author’s plight.

I’m glad that Peer has now chosen to dedicate his life to documenting it and I hope that others in India and beyond will follow his example.

It is meant to be read slowly for it is not easy to digest. Many people have lifted themselves out of poverty, people from very humble backgrounds are making it to colleges and pewr decent jobs, more youngsters are opening their own business and so on.