1. CFC Youth for Christ. YEAR 1: COVENANT ORIENTATION ( EDITION). YFC Covenant Orientation. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter 1: THE COVENANT . Youth For Christ West Cluster will held an Covenant Orientation this upcoming January 21, at Saint Catherine Academy, Mambusao. So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the.

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Resources- sharing our talents C. God has placed us where we are, for a purpose. Loving, Honoring, orrientation Serving Brothers and Sisters The family is under attack II. Characteristics of family type relationships A.

YFC WA | Covenant Orientation 2018

How have I shown my love for God: To renew commitment with Christ. God has placed us where we are, according to His purposes, so that we can use their circumstances that surround us to be witnesses for Him. The mind includes our thoughts, intentions, and learning. We respect our parents primarily because they are our parents.

Couples for Christ Manuals: CFC Youth for Christ Covenant Orientation

We love by showing honor and respect—giving importance Rom I will strive to grow in unity and understanding towards them. What more can I do to express my love for God?


I believe that I am special to God A. Characteristics of Family-type Relationships A. The talks should be made interesting and orietnation importance stressed e.

Service team seat arrangements, registration, food committee, etc. The suggested format for the teachings is as follows: Take a positive attitude about our country. We protect the environment. Encourage them to do so. Note to the Team Head: There orientahion be times when our love for God will be tested. Taking pride in our heritage. Because we are a family, we should relate to one another in ways a family should.

TALK 2 – Covenant Orientation by Beverly Ann Cueto on Prezi

Since we know that God loves us and that we are special to Him, He has forgiven our sins and we are His children, then the Lord is also special to us. Loving, Honoring, and Serving the Country The more we pray to Him in times like these, all the more He will be pleased with us and will reward us.

Make sure to connect the talks, stressing the importance of odientation. Receiving Holy Communion is receiving Jesus Himself.

We will experience sufferings, trials and doubts. What area in my relationship with my parents can I grow in? The household or discussion groups allow members to bring up and share more personal aspects of the teachings.

Keep positive aspects of that culture 3. He wants to forgive our sins so we can always be close to Him. What concrete decision can I make that will help me love, honor and serve my country better? Expressing to them their importance to us and appreciating them.


He accepts us for who we are. Fear of rejection B.

Loving YFC as a family A. We should be able to do that wherever it is that He has placed us – our own countries. Loving God with all our heart means loving the Lord with our whole being.

Let us avoid sticking just orintation those we are comfortable with because it causes division. Respecting and listening to what they have to say-even if they are younger. Loving Youth for Christ as a Family A. To our brothers and sisters in the family: Before the first talk, give a short orientation about the activity.

We do this by not disgracing our bodies through the abuse of drugs, drunkenness covenan immorality. Praying and interceding for family members 4. I will not dishonor the Lord through drunkenness, drugs or immorality. We should be eager to bring other souls to the Lord by serving actively in YFC activities, Youth Camps or church activities.