Implementation of the COTIF and European law that has an impact . COTIF UR CIM, Appendix B to. COTIF. General Terms and. The Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail is an intergovernmental COTIF was modified by a Protocol that was signed in Vilnius on 3 June These systems of law have been in existence for decades and are known as the CIV (for passengers) and CIM (for freight/goods) Uniform Rules. Webmaster: Baruno Wironugroho.

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The consignor may modify the contract of carriage by giving subsequent orders:. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

If the loss of the goods is established or if the goods have not arrived on the expiry of the period provided for in Article In the case of personal injury or any other bodily or mental harm to the passenger the damages shall include:. Views Read Edit View cij. The working languages of the Organisation shall be French and German. The merits of the case shall not be subject to review. ctoif

The railway shall be liable for its servants and for any other persons whom it employs to perform the carriage. Luggage shall only be forwarded in the above-mentioned manner if the formalities required by Customs or cptif administrative authorities at departure or during the journey so ctoif. Increases in international tariff charges and any other provisions which would have the effect of making the conditions of carriage laid down by such tariffs more rigorous shall not come into force until at least fifteen days after their publication, except in the following cases:.

If the proceeds are less than those costs, the consignor shall pay the difference. The validity of the payment made by the railway exercising one of the rights of coti under Articles 57 and 58 may not be disputed by the railway against which the right to recourse is exercised, when compensation has been determined by a court and when the latter railway, duly served with notice, has been afforded an opportunity to intervene in the proceedings.

In all other respects, delivery of goods shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions in force at the destination station. The person entitled may refuse to accept the goods, even when he has received the consignment note and paid the charges, so long as an examination for which he has asked in order to establish alleged loss or damage has not been made.


In the case of the carriage of containers, cotic provisions are ccotif down ctoif the Regulations concerning the international carriage of containers by rail RICoAnnex III to the Uniform Rules. When the railway accepts for carriage goods showing obvious signs of damage, it may require the condition of such goods cotuf be indicated in the consignment note. In that case the General Assembly is also empowered to take decisions on the amendment of such provision or provisions.

Refusal to carry certain passengers. The railways against which such action has been brought shall have no further right of recourse. The parties shall freely determine the composition of the Arbitration Tribunal and the arbitration procedure.

OTIF prepares the review of COTIF

Where necessary the consignor or, if the contract of carriage has been modified in accordance with Article 31, the consignee shall be asked without delay to give instructions concerning the excess load. Out-of-date details must be made illegible cotit removed by the passenger. If any contravention is established, the passenger must pay the costs arising from the verification. The provisions laying down load limits shall dotif published in the same manner as tariffs.

The application shall be deemed to be accepted six months after the aforesaid communication, unless five Member States lodge objections with the Depositary Government. The tariffs of the following railway may provide that orders specified in g to i are not acceptable.

He shall bear all the consequences in the event of those particulars being irregular, incorrect, incomplete, or entered elsewhere than in the allotted space. The passenger shall be present at such examinations save where otherwise provided by the laws or regulations of each State.

The consignor may stipulate in the consignment note which tariffs are to be applied. The passenger must ensure, on receipt of the luggage registration voucher, that it has been made out in accordance with his instructions. The burden of proof of defective loading shall rest upon the railway.


There shall be a quorum in the General Assembly when a majority of the Member States are represented there. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. The provisions in force at the forwarding station shall determine the meanings of the terms “wagon load” and “less than wagon load” for the whole of the route. In the case of the haulage of privately owned wagons, special provisions are laid down in the Regulations concerning the international haulage of private owners’ wagons by rail RIPAnnex II to the Uniform Rules.

When there is good reason to suspect a contravention, the cotkf shall have the right to verify that the contents of registered luggage comply with these provisions unless the laws or regulations of the State in which the examination would take place prohibit such verification. Cotfi the case of registered luggage, interest shall only be payable if the compensation exceeds eight units of account per luggage registration voucher.

It shall in particular have the capacity to enter into contracts, to acquire and dispose of movable and immovable assets and to be a party to legal proceedings.

EUR-Lex – l – EN – EUR-Lex

The railway shall be bound to undertake all carriage of any goods in complete wagon-loads, subject to the terms of the Uniform Rules, provided that:. The reason for and the duration of such extensions shall be entered in the consignment note. These specific provisions also give the electronic consignment note precedence over the paper one.

The railway shall in addition refund carriage charges, Customs duties and other sums incurred in respect of carriage of the lost item of luggage. Dec 26, Serbia and Russian Railways to expand cooperation. Need more search options? That amount shall be placed at the consignor’ as disposal within thirty days of payment by the consignee; interest at five per cent per annum shall be payable from the date of the expiry of that period.

Liability of the railway in case of death of, or personal injury to, passengers.