Copenhagen has ratings and reviews. But in his Tony Award- winning play Copenhagen, Michael Frayn shows us that these men were passionate. In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a fictional account of an actual event during World War II, two physicists exchange heated words and profound. Now that Niels Bohr’s famous unsent letter to Werner Heisenberg has finally been published—and for the most part only confirmed.

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These drafts proved to be significant in fgayn respects. This is I feel the premise and emotion garnered from this work. Bohr, infuriated that Heisenberg might be saying such a thing, wrote a strongly-worded language arguing for the opposite. The meeting took place in September when Bohr and Heisenberg were 55 and 39, respectively. Did he consciously prevent the initiation of a Nazi nuclear program?

Copenhagen by Michael Frayn | /18 Season | Lantern Theater Company

What was discussed at the meeting has long been the subject of debate among scientists and historians; recently released letters see them at the Copeenhagen Bohr Archive shed more light on matters, without completely clearing up the question. I also recommend Einstein’s book The Evolution of Physics: If Copenhagen errs this is where it errs: The characters are all plagued by some form of guilt or another, particularly in reference to the atomic bomb, and they are trapped in this world, doomed to forever speculate on that evening in Copenhagen in to determine how the world might have been changed.

Heisenberg and Bohr in Copenhagen in the early s. But above all they were human, with all the requisite failings and ambiguities, and when considered as such they become copennagen much more fascinating — which is why I picked up Co I’m kind of fascinated by the history of science, in particular by the lives of the various actors involved.

Perhaps the greatest play ever written about science, Michael Frayn’s riveting drama puts us in the heart of the greatest moral dilemma of the 20th century. Oct 22, Jenny Reading Envy rated it liked it Shelves: The question bears the same gravitas as the one regarding books.

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Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery

Truman 10 Hiroshima 42 Historiography 22 J. Is there anything more romantic than reading? Though interesting, note that some of this material has since been superseded: Unfortunately, because michae Heisenberg’s concerns about being monitored — his discussion of any details of Germany’s nuclear efforts with someone in an occupied country would have been illegal — his remarks were cryptic.

But it might appear to give an one of those questions that people have been asking since It was just extended to Feb. In any case, the point is simple enough: I think the main response from historians that you are likely to get is: They were two of the absolute best scientists in their field—this was the same Heisenberg who had formulated the Uncertainty Principle—and they had challenged each other to do some of their very best work.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. For an arts graduate.

Copenhagen (play) – Wikipedia

Retrieved 10 January Heisenberg’s copenhaggen to his wife, written on the eve of his departure from Copenhagen, provides no hint of a fracture. One rooted in a controversial act of war, the other in a controversial piece of theatre. Can’t imagine how I missed reading about that earlier. I did like the historical element and the complicated feelings fryan the characters have about their actions. Published August 8th micbael Anchor Books first published After the play inspired numerous scholarly and media debates over the meeting, the Niels Bohr Archive [7] in Copenhagen released to the public all sealed documents related to the meeting, a move intended mostly to settle historical arguments over what they contained.

To this Heisenberg replies later in the same conversation – don’t assume my need to defend my country is any weaker just because I know it is in the wrong.


Feb 18, Gumble’s Yard rated it really liked it Shelves: It makes people ask me about Heisenberg.

These questions, often without saying so explicitly, tend to stem from one source these days: The place in history is complex and mirrored.

Because the American case is the anomaly, not the German case. It had a “second” cast when it opened in the West Endwho were responsible for performing at least one of the matinee shows each week. All that said, I for once have For Valentine’s Day, Jesse gave me an uninterrupted hour to read Copenhagen and write the review. Damn, you’re still giving me that look.

You might have a point there. I don’t want to see him working hard and learning more about plutonium than most people will ever know in their lifetimes. Much like books, the theatre allows me to experience something different. To ask other readers questions about Copenhagenplease sign up. He was an important scientist in what was the most powerful country in Europe at the coepnhagen.

As soon as I read it I began to think that this story reflected some of the problems that I had been thinking about in ccopenhagen for a long time.

I thought I’d got away with it. To interrogators and intelligence officers, to journalists and historians. Allied troops disassembling the German experimental research reactor at Haigerloch, as part of the Alsos mission. At the end of that conversation, their friendship was over and Heisenberg returned to Germany. As I watched it I knew I had to see it again but wouldn’t be able to as the season was booked out. The construction of the plot is non-linear, seeing as it does not exist in time and space.

Heisenberg appears to have sounded out Bohr, to determine