Bend at the waist so your arm is dangling down. You may want to hold onto a table or chair for support. Gently rock your body weight from your left to your right . One of the more commonly used exercises after rotator cuff repair is the pendulum, which is also referred to as Codman’s exercise. To perform this exercise. One of the more commonly used ex- ercises after rotator cuff repair is the pendulum, which is also referred to as. Codman’s exercise.6 To perform this ex- ercise.

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Best Healthy Living Blogs of Trying to eat healthy, exercise more, or get into mindfulness and meditation? Contrary to old-school belief, stretching before your workout doesn’t significantly reduce your chance of injury, boost your performance or lessen post-pump pain. The four muscles surrounding the shoulder joint — supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor — all make up the rotator cuff. Each participant performed five clockwise and five counter clockwise circles for each of the four parameters tested.

This exercise uses the weight and momentum of your arm to encourage movement at the shoulder joint, while maintaining inactivity of the injured or repaired muscles. Methods Twenty-six participants, ages 20 to 56 years old mean Codman exercises maintain range of motion during your recovery.

Open in a separate window. They often include immediate immobilization, like the use of a sling, and passive range of motion exercises. An alpha of 0. The group of pathological shoulders consisted of two patients with superior labral anterior posterior repairs SLAPtwo with shoulder dislocations, one acromial clavicular joint AC decompression, one corococlavicular ligament reconstruction, one shoulder impingement, one post surgical capsular shift and acromioplasty, and one post-surgical thermal shrinkage.

The average RMS for the duration of the trial was computed by integrating the RMS and dividing the area by the time, thereby, producing the average amplitude. That’s why we’ve put together a simple routine of…. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther ; What Muscles Do Pushups Work?


Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. So if you don’t have a rotator cuff injury and your PT hasn’t prescribed you pendulums, you might wonder if light stretches like Codman’s technique have any place in your routine. Additionally, this penndulum examined various methods of performing Codman’s exercises and the effect on the activity of the shoulder musculature. In a similar study, McCann et al 1 used intramuscular fine wire EMG electrodes to examine shoulder muscle activity during passive, active, and resistive rehabilitation exercises.

Codman Shoulder Exercises | SportsRec

Because it is so mobile, the shoulder is also vulnerable to injury. Follow all recommendations made by your doctor to prevent reinjury. Separate exercise type vs pathological group ANOVAs were performed on each muscle separately to further examine the data.

This advanced pendulum exercise penndulum a dumbbell or wrist weight for added pull on the shoulder joint. The results of this present study indicate that adding a 1. Codman, passive motion, distraction, muscle activity. They allow for movement and stability to the otherwise loose ball and socket shoulder joint. What stretching can do is help make your muscles more supple, which gives you a slight increase in flexibility hence the role of Codman’s pendulums in physical therapy.

Shoulder range of motion limits were set to the minimum ability of the most involved shoulder pathology to avoid any possible complications. Internal and external circumduction were also calculated for each arm individually for the non-pathological group to verify the related muscle firing pattern was not different. Internal and external circumduction were calculated for the non-pathological group since both arms were tested i.

Three trials for each parameter were performed to allow participants to become comfortable with the motion and the testing procedure.

Muscle activation in the contralateral passive shoulder during isometric shoulder abduction in patients with unilateral shoulder pain. Participants in the non-pathological group were classified as anyone who did not pendulu a shoulder dysfunction, surgery, or pain within the past year.


The degree to which the trunk was flexed at the hips was modified from the traditional protocol of 90 degrees to allow for ground clearance of the suspended weight as it dangled from the arm.

Because those muscles are being used almost constantly, they grow tight and sore. Participants were positioned with the non-tested arm resting exercoses a table and the upper extremity to be tested hanging down for free movement. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Therefore, the infraspinatus muscle appears to be able to relax during pendulum exercises. Start with movements forward and back, then side to side, and lastly in small circles. Dockery et al 2 evaluated the different rehabilitation protocols using electromyographic EMG analysis of the rotator cuff muscles to determine if different protocols promoted passive motion and how much rotator cuff activation occurred.

Return to the starting position and then move your arm gently forward and backward about five to 20 corman on each arm.

Codman Shoulder Exercises

You might find pushups to be easy or hard, depending on your fitness level. The answer is a resounding “maybe.

Greenhouse-Geisser corrections were applied to significant ANOVAs that did not meet Mauchly’s sphericity assumption in order to reduce the likelihood of a type I error. Have Codman’s shoulder exercises helped you and your joints out of a tough spot, or have you used them at home just to release a bit of pre-workout pemdulum Rock your body weight so that your dangling arm slowly moves in a circle.

Shape Created with Sketch. A ground electrode was placed on the olecranon process of the arm being tested.