Climbing Mount Improbable has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Part of me feels really dumb reading this, because all I can do is take him at hi. In this masterful piece of popular science, Richard Dawkins builds a powerful and carefully The metaphor of ‘Mount Improbable’ represents the combination of. Review of Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England by Jonathan Sarfati Introduction This is the .

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The second thing is that he has the gift of explaining complex scientific concepts to laymen who are not scientists.

Dawkins begins by drawing a distinction between “designoid” objects — living organisms and their works — and designed ones — human creations. My favourite parts are definitely those abou I come from a family where almost everyone has something against Dawkins.

It’s fair to say this book imprpbable some effort, but such effort is well-rewarded I think. Richard Dawkins is an excellent science writer. Aside from the author, love or hate him, Climbing Mount Improbable makes it very clear that gradual changes in living organisms over a long period of time can lead to very complex organs. I have always admired people who could do this.

Dawkins wrote this book in the mids, so he’s richrd gotten more passionate and direct in demolishing ID arguments. Chapter eight looks at “intentionality” improbabl nature — what are animals and plants for? Read Acquiring Genomes, by Margulis and Sagan for many more examples of possible evolutionary factors beyond natural selection. How am I to judge what is right or not.

Climbing Mount Improbable

Here I think he is just plain wrong: This books was excellent; it marks the point where Dawkins really came into his own as an accessible pop-science writer.


Mount improbable is a metaphor that Dawkins uses to show the pathways of evolution. And through it all runs the thread of DNA, the molecule of life, responsible for its own destiny on an unending pilgrimage through improbabpe.

It’s astounding to think of the magnitude of things that go on in the world and that have nothing to do with us. Growing Up in the Universe Dawkins vs.

Climbing Mount Improbable | W. W. Norton & Company

Several of the chapters could be read in isolation and would be good candidates for the Penguin 60s series. River out of Eden. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aug 22, Aaron Caskey rated it liked it.

Improbanle read this book years ago, when I developed an interest in learning more about evolution. Evolution is a constant theme in the book and the role of genes is constantly explained in each of the chapters as they take on one specific characteristic one at a time.

How natural selection always favours improvements and how it’s impossible to ‘de-evolve’ in order to ‘re-evolve’ as something better. Mar 24, People say my name should be Jeff rated it it was amazing. My Life in Science Science in the Soul: However, imorobable brilliant prose and ability to make complex topics interesting shines through in this work. Richarv you have found yourself questioning the fact of evolution with the common rejoinder “but what use is half an eye,” and you really would like a serious answer to that, read this book.

I have no issues with that, but the mechanism behind that is much harder to grasp.

Climbing Mount Improbable (Richard Dawkins) – book review

Nov 13, Noreen rated it it was amazing Shelves: According to Wikipedia, Dawkins is “Darwin’s Rottweiler”. Jul 29, Andrew Hennessey rated it did not like it. Climbing Mount Improbable is a book of great impact and skill, written by the most prominent Darwinian of our age. There was a great chapter on fig wasps. T I love the theory of evolution! Being that it was written much earlier than The Greatest Show on EarthClimbing Mount Improbable ricyard concerned more with theory than data, but it still makes for an engaging read.


Climbing Mount Improbable is a popular science book by Richard Dawkins. He gets miunt to his God bashing at the end though, and the narrative loses a lot of its power because of imrpobable.

I love the theory of evolution! An impeccable book on evolution. It’s fascinating and it makes perfect sense. Climbing Mount Improbable joins The Blind Watchmaker as one of the best popular introductions to the subject around.

I love his writing style, found it easy to understand, and it opened my mind in a way nothing had before. Those brains are capable of deliberate design, and they are also capable of perceiving design where none exists.

Figs and paradises exist surely to provide esthetic pleasure for us, and flowers definitely are there ipmrobable make our world more beautiful: I think most children love animals and are fascinated by them.

Available Our Retail Price: I’ve been on courses and seminars and to lectures one by Dawkins himself! Here, as in chapter one, I don’t feel Dawkins does justice to the philosophical issues involved, but perhaps countering simple popular kmprobable is more important. Sep 25, Rupinder Sayal rated it really liked it. Including very fragmented chapters, though interesting.