Castrol SAF-XJ is a full synthetic SAE 75W final drive lubricant. combination of frictional characteristics and viscosity profile, Castrol SAF-XJ has been. Castrol SAF-XO and SAF-XJ are synthetic multigrade rear axle fluids SAF-XO. SAF-XJ. API. GL GL SAE. 75W 75W BMW. Conventional axles. Nissan OEM Differential Fluid (Castrol SAF-XJ 75W). This is for one liter of the OEM Nissan synthetic fluid for the front and rear differentials in your GT-R.

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Castrol SAF-XJ 75w140 with FM Booster

Discussion in ‘ GS Boxers ‘ started by cozmoApr 28, Log in or Join. Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here!

You can sign up to be a site supporter here. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: KrimeMay 1, Jan 16, Oddometer: Jun 3, Oddometer: Grimreaper7May 1, Jun 22, Oddometer: Jan 24, Oddometer: I use this but any GL5 75W meets specs. Oct 27, Oddometer: I use Mobil 1 HD differential oil Jul 1, Oddometer: I just made sure to buy what is specified by BMW for peace of mind.


I buy from Opie Oils. Is the change over to Shell complete? Oct 12, Oddometer: So I stopped by the shop today Guy working with me on it said that when they pulled the FD the main bearing and bearing race 75ww-140 fell out and fell apart in his hand.

I’m not super savvy on bearings and whatnot so yeah. He thinks they should have the remainder of the parts in by the end of the week to finish 75w-10 the FD swap.

KrimeMay 5, Jan 11, Oddometer: EmotoMay 13, Feb 24, Oddometer: Glad you’re being covered! This is the first wet-head FD failure I’ve heard of. Nov 1, Oddometer: God’s country, Western North Carolina. Glad to hear they covered this under warranty. Folks making an oil thread within a BMW failed final drive thread should be put in time out by the mods for adding to your stress level.

The new unit should be sav-xj that, a complete unit unless they are sending individual bearings, seals, etc. What “other” parts are they allegedly waiting on?

Parts :: Differential Oil/Fluid :: Castrol SAF-XJ 75w with FM Booster

If they had removed the failed drive for photos of the damage it should be a pretty quick install and road test before returning her to you. Good luck and safe travels!


I would be upset they wouldn’t do the mile for you sooner than 6 weeks. Less than an hour surely. Just bought the new bike there?

My dealer may keep the bike a day or two in that situation, worse case. I’ve had them do drop in work for me while I waited. And saf-xxj were busy.

SQS Racing | Oil Castrol SAF XJ Syntrax 75W LS

I’ve bought more than 1 bike there. They want me back. Apr 3, Oddometer: JetSpeedMay 16, Nov 28, Oddometer: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your email or ADVrider name: No, but I wanna be.