The dramatic first-person account of life inside an ultra-fundamentalist American religious sect, and one woman’s courageous flight to freedom with. Escape is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre memoirs you are ever likely to Written by Carolyn Jessop, a woman who was born into the. A member of Warren Jeff’s fundamentalist cult, Jessop talks about escaping a brutal life, what it was like being one wife of many, and why she.

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This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat She became the first woman ever granted full custody of her children in a contested suit involving the FLDS, and inher reports to the Utah attorney general on church abuses formed a crucial part of the case that led to the arrest of its notorious escxpe, Warren Jeffs.

Polygamy Survivor Carolyn Jessop – TIME

In a world, where men several of them are making ALL the decisions, a woman is a tool that is made to serve, a doll that needs to do anything they tell her. Feb 03, Megan rated it it was ok. This is happening in the very heart of America—women are treated like cattle, used to breed children and bought, sold and traded like so many goods. ezcape

I know he’s going to still try to manage things behind bars, but there are limits to the kinds of orders he can give and what he can do. Jessop was born into a family that eventually had two wives but one that, compared to others in the community, seemed almost normal.


She graduated from high school at the age of The story is compelling. cagolyn

Add both to Cart Add both to List. You don’t really like it, but you can’t pull yourself away beause it’s so unbelievable. We had been out of things such as shampoo, toothpaste, and soap for weeks. Read caropyn Forward Read it first. My dad warned Warren and said, ‘my daughter has taken as much abuse as she’s going to take. It makes for a much more enjoyable read. Often these desires pit her against the other wives.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ironside rated it liked it Shelves: I knew she would go only if Merril agreed, so I called him In fact, it was worth telling in a book. Leroy Jessop, another of Carolyn’s stepchildren, was convicted of sexual assault of a child and sentenced to 75 years in prison.

At one point, Jessop’s husband puts her in direct harm of death and brags about it to anyone who will listen. We’d go to the grocery store and everybody would stare at you.

Polygamy Survivor Carolyn Jessop

I think that most of us in the community thought the same because it was pretty obvious that the woman he liked to have sex with was the one who could get shoes for her kids and the basic necessities she needed, and the other women in the family had to just basically go without. Carolyn Jessop enjoyed some advantages other FLDS women were denied, increasing her ability to escape.


Violence, both physical and sexual, is common. I feel deeply for all of the women and children who did not manage to get out and realize that they actually had rights and didn’t have to follow the prophet blindly. When she was eighteen years old she had an arranged marriage Merril Jessop, a man 30 years older than her and who already had thre Wow!

The male leadership of ecsape cult are egomaniacal and devoid of decency. It made me grieve for the inequities in my caeolyn culture between men and women along with the fear that holds me down.

After having been brought up that way, what made you realize that what was going on was wrong? It’s not like the men have it any better, but at least they don’t have to bow to some jerk w I’m reading this book again. Dress Home Schooling Blood atonement.

In the case of Teas v. Especially the contradictions in it. Mar 31, Aileen rated it liked it.