Candy AQ DF – Washing Machines – Freestanding. Washer Candy Aquamatic DF. Technical Features We load capacity kg. Spin speed rpm. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Welcome to the instruction book section. Here you can view and download product instruction books in PDF Format. To view the PDF. Technical characteristics of the washing machine. Installation, freestanding. Download Type, Front. Maximum load of laundry, kg. Drying, no. Management.

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Replace the cover with the two screws A. If the door is not closed the indicator will continue to flash.

Candy Aquamatic DF ´╗┐Washing Machine Photo, Characteristics

After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder. Si le remplacement du come illustrato in figura. The countdown will begin and when it has finished the programme will start automatically.

Contact a qualified electrician if this is not the case. La Candy correda tutte aquamati sue macchine di messa a terra. Extreme care should be taken if extension leads are used in bathrooms or shower rooms.

The amount of water in the wash is increased canvy that the detergent dissolves perfectly, ensuring an efficient cleaning action. Connect the fill hose to the tap. Das Display zeigt h If is necessary to use the plastic sleeve supplied. Keep this booklet in a safe place for further consultation.

User Manuals | Candy

Wait for 2 minutes after the wash cycle has finished and the Door Locked light has gone out before opening the door. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the display will show the settings for the programme selected. Viene aumentata l’acqua in lavaggio per ottenere la perfetta dissoluzione del detersivo, garantendo un’efficace azione pulente. Falls das Netzkabel ausgetauscht werden sollte, achten Sie beim Anschluss der einzelnen Kabel unbedingt auf die folgende Farbenbelegung: EN Do not use adaptors or d’adaptateurs ou de prises multiples.


A special safety device prevents the door from being opened immediately after the end of the cycle. Toutes les machines Candy dell’acqua. Falls erforderlich den mitgelieferten starren Rohrbogen benutzen. In caso di trasloco non la or the appliance itself to remove the plug from the socket.

Non tiri il cavo di multiple plugs. Unscrews the two tie braces B on the crosspiece with an H. Ne pas remonter les 2 tirants B! In the case of removal, pas appuyer le hublot sur le chariot. Stets, wie auf der Zeichnung dargestellt, zu zweit anheben.

PDF Click to preview. Si consiglia di aquaamtic questa funzione anche per i capi dei bambini e per i delicati in generale, oppure nel lavaggio di capi di spugna le cui fibre tendono maggiormente a trattenere il detersivo. If this is the case, contact your nearest Candy Centre. Main page Brands Categories Search.

Washing machine Candy Aquamatic 1000 DF.

Ist die Zeit abgelaufen, startet das Programm automatisch. IT Applichi il foglio di polionda sul fondo come mostrato in figura.

Should the supply cord mains cable be demaged, this is to be replaced by a specific cable available from the after sales service centre. Per qualsiasi informazione necessitasse, La preghiamo rivolgersi al numero telefonico del Servizio Clienti 12 13 Lift the appliance in pairs In the case of failure cattivo funzionamento dell’apparecchio, lo spenga, chiuda il rubinetto dell’acqua e non manometta l’elettrodomestico. Non rimontare i 2 tiranti B!


EN Use front feet to level the machine with the floor: Achtung, die beiden Bolzen B nicht mehr asuamatic When the appliance location is on carpet floors, attention must be paid so as to ensure that there is no obstruction to the bottom vents.

Non tocchi l’apparecchio con mani, cwndy bagnati o umidi. Candy Le propone inoltre una vasta gamma di elettrodomestici: Drehen sie dann den Programmwahlschalter wieder auf OFF. Lesen Sie bitte aufmerksam die Anweisungen, die Sie in diesem Heft finden. Svitare le 2 viti superiori A e togliere il coperchio, sfilandolo in orizzontale. Check that the machine has not incurred damage during transport.

Attenzione che le guide laterali del coperchio siano inserite correttamente come mostrato in figura. Conservez avec soin ce livret: Dettagli sono presenti sul sito internet www.

The load is washed in a much larger quantity of water and this, together with the new combined action of the drum rotation cycles, where water is filled and emptied, will give canxy garments which have been cleaned and rinsed to perfection. Do not use the appliance when bare-footed. Avoidance of these norms may compromise aquamati safety of the appliance. Nel caso si installi l’apparecchio su un pavimento ricoperto da tappeti o con moquette, si deve fare attenzione che le aperture di ventilazione alla canry dell’apparecchio non vengano ostruite.

A Svitare i 2 tiranti B sulla traversa portante con una chiave fissa H.