I picked this game up a few years back simply because the art was just amazing. Visually, it remains one of the most gorgeous RPG volumes I. User summary: Cadwallon is a tactical role-playing game published by Rackham. It is set in the fantasy world of the miniature wargame Confrontation. Here, you find all manuals and other stuff in english for play at Cadwallon RPG game. Cadwallon Ruleset. regole cadwallon cadwallon extra confrontation.

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Cadwallon Rules – Manuals

Confrontation Pills is fanmade website, made by a group of Confrontation wargame players. This website born for manage your army and regroup all manuals for continue to play at Confrontation wargame and help to undestand the dynamics of ruleset.

We underline, many contents and excerpts are inspired from the official wiki en. All rights are reserved to Cyanide.


Cadwallon (role-playing game) | Revolvy

We opened this website for maintain alive the players community, without any economic interest. Advertising banners presence are only for cover the website costs.

Created by WebMaster a Roma e Online. Written texts on ConfrontationPills are under Creative Commons Licence, you must link cadwllon website if you wish to copy our excerpts.

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Cadwallon RPG / Reversible Gaming Tiles A / Rackham / Confrontation / new sealed

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Cadwallon (role-playing game)

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